Jill Stein on the recent Democratic presidential debate

Jill_Stein_DN.jpg   "I wanted to share some thoughts on the recent Democratic presidential debate – what was said and left out. Staged in a luxury resort in the mecca of casino capitalism, it spoke volumes about the new era of social justice that has not come to the Democratic Party." Click Read More below to read the rest of Jill Stein's newsletter.

Oct. 24, 2015

Hello from Texas, where peaceful rebellion is heating up! Across the lone star state, everyday heroes are coming together for renewable energy jobs, frack-free communities, a halt to immigrant deportations, bailing out the students, and an end to the real border security threat – the war on drugs…. and so much more. Stand by for more on the Texas uprising soon.

In the mean time, I wanted to share some thoughts on the recent Democratic presidential debate – what was said and left out. Staged in a luxury resort in the mecca of casino capitalism, it spoke volumes about the new era of social justice that has not come to the Democratic Party.

debate05.jpgThe debate exposed the persistent deadly gulf between the corporate-funded politics that’s brought us a world of crisis, and the people powered politics we serve, fighting for a world of justice.

As part of that world in crisis, front runner Hillary Clinton took an underwhelming stand against the overwhelming problem of student debt. She offered lower interest payments and called for students to work 10 hours a week for “free” public higher education.

In the America we deserveonly our campaign is fighting to cancel student debt. Bankers who crashed the economy were bailed out, so it’s high time to bail out their victims, the students. Having funded high school as essential for economic security throughout the 20th century, it’s only fair that we now fund public higher education, which is critical for security in the 21st century – especially since it repays each dollar invested with $7 dollars in benefits.

In the world of crisis we face, public schools are under attack in a bipartisan privatization drive – a subject missing in action from the Democratic debate. Standardized test results are used to blame impoverished communities for the effects of poverty. Once labeled as “failing”, their assets are handed over to unaccountable, frequently corrupt private charters, whose track record is worse than public schools.

js_on_dnow01.jpgIn the America we deserve I would end the privatization, fully fund our schools, stop harmful high stakes testing, and promote teaching to the whole student for lifetime learning.

Commenting on the world of crisis we face, my fellow DemocracyNow post-debate panelist Les Payne observed that #BlackLivesMatter had become a standardized test question to which the Democratic candidates recited formulaic responses which explained little and committed themselves to practically nothing.

In the America we deserve I would work to empower all communities with special investigators and Civilian Review Boards. I would end the incarceration of children in adult prisons and call for decent food, medical care and education for the incarcerated. I would implement a National Action Plan for Racial Justice Now, to address convergent racial injustice across the board, and cut our nation's shameful record prison population by more than half.

bernie_n_hillary.jpgIn another area of ourworld in crisis, Hillary Clinton called for a no-fly zone over Syria, a take over of Syrian air space that defies international law, lays groundwork for regime change, and commits us to shooting down anyone who defies us, including nuclear-armed Russia! With the exception of Lincoln Chafee, all Democratic debaters supported the dangerous notion that Middle East violence should be “solved” by inflicting more violence on the region – if not by the U.S., then by our proxies, the Saudis.

In the world we deserve, I would seek a weapons embargo to the Middle East, and ask our allies to do their part - for Saudi Arabia to stop funding ISIS, for Turkey to close its borders to jihadi reinforcements, and for all allies to stop buying ISIS’ oil. This will be far more effective than bombing ISIS, which brings ever more recruits to their ranks.

In the world of crisis we face, every one of the Democratic candidates except Lincoln Chafee endorsed the jailing of Edward Snowden. Yet Snowden has revealed pervasive, unconstitutional government spying on American citizens and people around the world that threatens the very foundation of democracy.

For this reason, in the world we deserve, I would welcome Edward Snowden home a hero, and release Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling, Julian Assange and other courageous truth tellers with praise and reparations. Their actions are essential for preserving our imperiled democracy in the face of secretive, unaccountable corporate government.

debate06.jpgIn this world of crisis,the sham presidential debates and the parties that run them are wholly owned corporate subsidiaries. In 2012, I was arrested for simply trying to enter the grounds of a debate. I was taken to a secret dark site, handcuffed to a metal chair, and held for seven hours until the debate was over and the press was long gone. Clearly, the political establishment is frightened that word will get out that people have choices outside the corporate duopoly. Now our campaign is fighting along with our Libertarian allies to open the debates and get that word out. We have a right to vote. And we have a right to know who we can vote for!

Democrats and Republicans have given us the America we have. With the 2016 election just a year away, our campaign is fighting for the world we deserve.

Please join us in this peaceful rebellion by going here.

Thanks for all you do to keep this movement moving forward.



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It's in our hands.
Jill Stein


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