Jill Stein's Oregon/Washington Tour

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Event name/title:
Oregon/Washington Tour
Tuesday Oct 25
Corvallis, OR  October 25   Venue - OSU venue, capacity 200+overflow Q&A with Ranked
                        noon?                               Choice Voting discussion  Sponsored by student group  ASAP no fee
                                                Venue - tbd Benton County press conference for Ranked Choice Voting initiative    
Eugene, OR    October 25   Venue - UofO EMU Ballroom, capacity 900-1100 plus overflow rooms with audio/video as needed
                        5:30-7 pm                       
                                                          ROAR Student group will sponsor the event,so no venue fee
                                                           Local Greens who will be on stage with Jill:   Alan Zundel - Oregon  Secretary of State                                                                candidate                                                     Eric Navickas - U.S. Senate candidate
Wednesday Oct 26
 Eugene, OR  October 26      Venue to be determined   Fundraiser for 100+                                    
Salem, OR    October 26        En route stop for Cable Television interview with Ken Adams on Valley View
                        1 hour
Portand, OR   October 26      Venue to be determined, capacity  1200+   Evening rally
                                                  Press Conference venue and time tbd
                                               Local Greens on stage ?
Thursday Oct 27
Seattle, WA    October 27       Venue to be determined, capacity 1200+   Evening rally 
Friday Oct 28
?  WA             October 28       Venue to be determined, capacity 1200+   Evening rally 


Proposed date and time (both, event, and travel arrival/departure times, please):
To start the tour, it is proposed that Jill Stein flies into Portland late evening Oct 24 and spends the night in Portland. On the morning of Oct 25 she is driven to the first stop in Corvallis, approximately 1.5 hrs driving time.
The Pacific Green Party will provide housing and transportation by van in Oregon. Green Party of Washington to do the same for Washington state.


Host or sponsor group or individual (include all contact info):
Pacific Green Party of Oregon: Nicole Bennett 541.517.3994 nicolebennett777@yahoo.com
Green Party of Washington: Jody Grage 206.718.1529 jodytgrage@gmail.com
Person submitting this form (include contact info):
Trisha Driscoll 541.337.6786 driscollx@yahoo.com
Pacific Green Party - Jill Stein Oregon Coordinator


Is there a ballot access campaign in  your state? No
Description of event (purpose, theme):
We are primarily focused on promoting Jill to students across Oregon and Washington with the theme of cancelling student debt and providing jobs.
Another objective is to promote Oregon's critical Ranked Choice Voting initiative which is on the November ballot in Benton County. This is of vital strategic interest to the Pacific Greens, with a win here we will have an excellent opportunity to put RCV on the ballot in other Oregon counties next election cycle.
Depending on the time available we also plan to hold fundraisers for Jill in smaller venues. Once we have a better handle on dates and times, press conferences can also be scheduled.


What is the speaking format for the candidate (time available, questions from panel, Q&A):
Varies depending on venue.


Who else is speaking?
In Oregon, our local Green Party candidates.


Expected number of attendees:
Varies depending on venue (see above)
Other expected groups and organizations in attendance:
None currently identified other than student groups. Once the dates are agreed we will outreach to other organizations to attend.


Media expected (press, tv, cable):
We expect major print, online, and tv media presence at the campus events and press conferences, and will be promoting those events via news releases in advance.

Event promotion mechanisms to be used:
We are gearing up now to heavily promote Jill's tour by organizing on campus.  It is vital that we get the tour dates agreed with Jill's campaign ASAP in order for this move forward.  We plan to mount a strong facebook campaign, and will be printing and handing out event flyers in advance at each venue.  Usual event notices in local print media.  More promotion could be done, such as radio ads, with some funding from Jill's campaign.  Please note that in Oregon we have active chapters in Eugene, Corvallis, and Portland with volunteers ready to promote the event.
Will proposer cover travel and stay expenses:
We will cover travel expenses within state and arrange housing for Jill. Other than that, no.


Can candidate appeal for funds?
Generally no, except at fundraisers.


Can we distribute literature?
Other relevant information (website, reference links,  etc.):