Groups and Chapters

One of the four pillars of the Pacific Green Party is Grassroots Democracy. We therefore encourage you to join other Greens and allies in your neighborhood by contacting one of the local groups or chapters listed below.  Chapters formed by five or more registered party members, and are generally formed at a county level, with Linn/Benton covering two counties.  Groups are generally formed at city level.

If no group or chapter is listed for your area, email outreach at pacificgreens dot org.  We’d love to help you and your neighbors get organized.

 Group / Chapter


 Social Media

 Baker Group

George Wheaton
(513) 335-6929
merrijo-george at hotmail dot com


 Bend Group

Alison Erdmann
alisonerdmann at gmail dot com


 Clackamas County Chapter 

Alex Birkett
(503) 734-4443
mr.student000 at gmail dot com


 Clatsop County Chapter

Ted Thomas
(503) 325-1556
ldur at charter dot net

 fb page

 Jackson County Chapter

Suzia Aufderheide
(541) 482-0102
souixzan at mind dot net



 Lane Greens Chapter

Trisha Driscoll
driscollx at yahoo dot com
(541) 337-6786

 fb page

 fb group

 Linn/Benton Chapter 

Charles Newlin
gnewlin at peak dot org
 fb page

 Medford Group

Rhonda Capello
(541) 841-0741
rcapellosojill at gmail dot com

 fb page

 Portland Metro Chapter

Melissa Wright
(541) 516-6059
melreneewright at gmail dot com

 fb group

 Salem Chapter

Ken Adams
(503) 851-2108
black47 at q dot com
 fb group

 Washington County Chapter 


Jason Berge
washington.county.greens at gmail dot com

Scott Green
(503) 307-1571
fibonaccisequence503 at gmail dot com

 fb group

 wordpress blog