Open The Debate petition:

There are two pages to this petition.  The first page is the signature page, with instructions at the bottom regarding who can sign (anyone) and what to do with completed (or partial) petitions (mail them to us in Eugene).   We will then forward petitions to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The second page is a flyer which you can print and hand out as background information on the Commission as a private corporation and how it is used to silence 3rd parties.

signature page flyer page
2016_08_31_Open_The_Debates_Petition_signature_page.png 2016_08_31_Open_The_Debates_Petition_flyer_page.png

Click here to download the PDF which contains both pages.


Circulating a petition:

Guide and training documents linked below are provided as examples only, and apply only to petitions subject to Oregon Election law and regulations, such as voter pamphlet petitions, etc.  Note that the Open The Debates petition is NOT subject to these laws and regulations.

Volunteer Circulator Guide (5 pages)

Circulator Training (72 pages)