Tell Us What's In Our Food! Sign the Petition to Label GMOs

Oregon Right to Know has launched a statewide campaign to place Initiative #44 on the ballot and they need your signature! The initiative will amend Oregon law to require food manufacturers and retailers to label food and agricultural commodities containing genetically engineered products, with exemptions only for animal feed and restaurants.

The group has until July 3 to collect 87,113 signatures statewide to qualify for the November ballot, and with public opinion squarely on the side of GMO labeling; we have the opportunity to send a message that rings across the country – we can beat the big chemical cartel, their bought scientists, their lobbyists and their cronies in Washington. We at the Pacific Green Party ask you to sign the petition when you come across someone carrying it … and thank them for doing the thankless task of gathering signatures too.

Oregonians have always cared about what we grow, the fish in our streams and the food we eat. It’s who we are. We want to make informed choices about what we feed our families. That includes knowing whether or not that food contains genetically modified organisms. And while Congress and the federal government might not stand up to the special interests and get us the information we need, we can take action ourselves.

Right now, 64 countries, including most of Europe and Japan require US manufacturers to provide the same labels as we are asking for in Oregon.  If American companies can do it for the rest of the world, let them do it at home too. The big chemical companies that create genetically modified organisms are gearing up to spend millions to block us from getting the information we deserve, but we will not be fooled. 

Learn more at Oregon Right to Know