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Photo of citizen protesters at LNG hearing 26 June 2012 - taken by R. Knablin

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We’ve been actively fighting the Jordan Cove Project for 9 years. The fight, then, was to keep a liquified natural gas unloading and regeneration facility from being built on the North Spit of Coos Bay across from the City of North Bend; and stop the necessary pipeline link from there (through pristine southern Oregon) to California. The plan was to supply PG & E power plants that were to be built to replace aging and illegal coal plants. 

By that time, every coastal community in California where an import terminal could have been built, had been summarily turned down by outraged popular movements. The focus of the energy industry then turned northward to Oregon where a downtrodden populace hungry for jobs would be more amenable to such projects.

It didn’t turn out as well as the developers had hoped, as many of the local residents organized and opposed and marched and spoke and wrote opinions. As well we raised money for lawyers and experts to testify at public meetings. (Our debt is still there. We received no $ help from anyone but ourselves.)

The odd thing is that we actually won that battle. However, it was as anti-climatic as ending the Iraq war only to find the war in Afghanistan still raging. The developers regrouped and a new proposal (probably the original proposal) emerged: They wanted to export American natural gas.

So the battle continues. We are gearing up to testify during all the Environmental Impact Statement meetings; writing concerns that must be addressed by the EIS; and generally taking advantage at every opportunity to express how wrong this project is. From the fracking that gets the gas, to the seizing of private property that will take place in building the pipeline, and the danger to the population of the Bay Area - not to mention the deterioration of the atmosphere from the burning of the gas in Asia - this project is a disaster.

In the long haul, it’s always been the local people who have dominated in this endeavor. In Coos County, not one local official would oppose this project. We eventually gained some allies in state offices, and for this newest battle, we have Senator Merkley and others. Locally, I have to say our mainstay and rock has been Jody McCaffree; who has, in the process, become one of the most informed people on this subject in the state.

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Photo of protesters at LNG hearing 26 June 2012 - taken by R. Knablin