Green Party Endorsed Bills

List of bills supported by the Pacific Green Party of Oregon during the 2023 Legislative Session, with links to testimony submitted (click on the image to access the file)

Brief discussion of some of the bills

The 82nd Oregon Legislative Assembly convened for the 2023 Legislative Session Tuesday, January 17th; ending June 25. Learn more.

  1. HB 2215
    Relating to nuclear-fueled thermal power plants; providing that this Act shall be referred to the people for their approval or rejection

    "Removes the requirement that adequate repository for terminal disposition of high-level radioactive waste be licensed as a precondition for issuance of site certificate for nuclear-fueled thermal power plant".

    Current Location:  House Committee On Climate, Energy, and Environment

    For an overview, text, and testimony of the bill follow this link  ==> GO TO OVERVIEW

  2.   HB 2004
     Relating to ranked-choice voting.
    Establishes ranked choice voting as a voting method for selecting the winner of nomination for and election to offices of President of the United States, United States Senator, Representative in Congress, Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and Attorney General. Authorizes cities, counties, metropolitan service districts, and local government and local service districts to elect to use ranked-choice voting to nominate or elect candidates for relevant offices. Moves election for Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to general election, where election is conducted using ranked choice voting.

    Current Location:  House Committee On Rules  

    For an overview, text, and testimony of the bill follow this link  ==> GO TO OVERVIEW

  3.    HJR 20
     Proposing an amendment to Oregon Constitution relating to the voting age.

    Proposes an amendment to the Oregon Constitution lowering the voting age from 18 years of age to 16 years of age. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at the next regular general election  

    For an overview, text, and testimony of the bill follow this link  ==> GO TO OVERVIEW

  4. SB 612
    Relating to Indigenous languages

    Establishes Indigenous Language Justice Fund. Requires nonprofit organization in this state to serve as fiscal agent to receive disbursement of moneys for purposes related to supporting Indigenous languages interpretation in this state. Requires fiscal agent to annually report to interim committee of Legislative Assembly related to language interpretation services.

    Current Location: Senate Committee On Rules

    For an overview, text, and testimony of the bill follow this link  ==> GO TO OVERVIEW

  5. We also support the agenda of the Fair Shot for All, a coalition of over twenty Oregon labor unions, community groups, and racial justice organizations.  Please, visit their website for more information about the bills that we are endorsing:  Key initiatives include: 
  • Establishing a system for pay parity for public defenders and increase the number of public defenders
  • A series of bills to prevent homelessness
  • A bill to provide compensation and training for interpretation in Indigenous languages
  • A bill closing loopholes to complete support for gender transitioning


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