PQ Interview of Christina Lugo for US Senate


Thanks to Nick Mattos who interviewed Christina for PQ Monthly, Portland's LGBTQ press, about the Senate race. Click here to read the interview.  Christina has also gained enough signatures to qualify her powerful statement to be included in the 2014 General Election Voters' Pamphlet sent to every Oregon voter, which you can read here.

For up to date information on her campaign and platform, visit Christina Lugo for US Senate campaign facebook page.

Pacific Green Party Voter Pamphlet Statement


Oregonians beware—Ballot Measure 90 is a threat to your right to vote.

Read more from our Voters' Pamphlet Statement below the fold.   For a print-ready version of our statement, click here.

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Nominating Convention Results


Voting results from our Corvallis Nominating Convention held August 9th are in, and we are excited to announce the following nominations:

Christina Lugo - candidate for US Senate

Jason Levin - candidate for Oregon Governor

Art Krueger - candidate for Oregon Senate District 3

More details under the fold.

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Pacific Green Party Calls for Defeat of "Dangerous and Deceitful" Top Two Primary Proposal


The Pacific Green Party today announced that its state convention has 
called for a NO vote on the "Top Two" ballot measure.

Pacific Green Party member Blair Bobier, a lawyer and elections expert, 
said that: "The Top Two ballot measure is a dangerous and deceitful 
proposal which will severely restrict the rights of all Oregon voters 
in the November election."

 Read the full release after the flip.

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Gather Signatures for Mike Beilstein


Mike Beilstein - Green Party candidate for the 4th Congressional District, has until August 12th to submit 300 signatures from voters registered in the district in lieu of paying $2,500 to place a statement/argument in the state voters' pamphlet.  This is a huge expense for our candidates.  A copy of Mike's petition ready for printing and circulation is available below the fold.  Signed petitions should be given to Mike (see Campaign page for contact details) BEFORE August 12th.

Note to all candidates - details on submitting signatures in lieu of paying voter pamphlet fees is provided below the fold.

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Pacific Green Party certified for November 2014 Ballot


Pacific Green Party member Seth Woolley ran for the office of Secretary of State in the November 6, 2012, General Election and received 44,235 votes.  This vote was in excess of one percent of the total votes cast for that office and therefore, in accordance with ORS 248.008(4)(b), the Pacific Green Party has been certified by the Oregon Secretary of State as being eligible to nominate candidates for the 2014 General Election.  Read Full text of certification letter here.  Many thanks to Seth Woolley for running for this critical statewide office!

Jason Levin seeks PGP nomination for Governor

2014-07-15_15.45.35.jpg   Jason Levin, a Pacific Green Party member from Portland Oregon, has expressed interest in running for Oregon Governor in the November 2014 general election as the Green Party candidate.  He has submitted a Statement of Candidacy which is available for review here, and he has a facebook page. To summarize from his statement, Mr. Levin is a former public school teacher holding two master's degrees, in technology education and electronic communications, from San Francisco State University.  The most important issue to him is the passage of IP53 - the "Legalization of Marijuana" initiative.  He owns a small business which sells cannabis-infused butters and oils to OMMP patients and dispensaries.  He has not previously run for office.

Joshua Smith for Oregon House District 25

joshua_smith.jpg    Joshua Smith is running for the Oregon State State House seat for District 25 (Keizer, Newberg, St Paul). He's already recruiting volunteers and taking his message door to door. Over $1,100 has been raised so far with much more expected by individual contributions in order to supply the fliers, bumper stickers and yard signs needed to give the Green Party an equal presence in the community as the Republicans.
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Salem Chapter Update 7/2014

salem_chapter.jpg    Thanks to Byron Harmon for this update!  The Salem Chapter has nearly finished collecting the first 1,000 signatures for our two initiatives. We should have that done by the end of the month at the latest. This means we will be ballot measures 1 and 2 for 2016. We then will have 2 years to collect 87,000+ signatures. 
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Health Care for All Oregon Action Alert!

The Health Care for All Oregonians coalition, of which our Party is a member, is going to have a booth at the Oregon State Fair in order to help generate support for single-payer health care in the state. They have a target of six people volunteering to be at the booth each day, from August 22 through September 1.
Volunteers can contact Carol Rathburn [ [email protected] ] or Anita Owen [ [email protected] ] to join the effort.
Your HCAO state liaison,
Michael Meo
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