PGP Spring Convention - April 13, Bend

Saturday, April 13, 12pm - 5pm
Brooks Room, Deschutes Public Library, Downtown Bend
601 NW Wall St

Meet Up/Socialize
before: 10:30am - 12pm at the Crow's Feet Commons Cafe, 875 NW Brooks St (3 blocks away)
after: 5pm - ? at McMenamin's, 700 NW Bond St (2 blocks away)

Proposed agenda includes:
- bylaw change proposal to create alternate delegates to GPUS National Committee
- starting process of updating PGP platform
- forming policy on co-nominations
- discuss whether to opt-in to state funded primaries if SB226 passes

The final agenda is decided at the convention and may include items proposed there, except for changes to the PGP organizational documents.

Anyone may attend and speak at PGP conventions. Supporting members may vote.

Please RSVP at:

facebook event page
or email
Live in/near Bend and want to help organize? Let us know! We need intel about parking, in case tax prep causes traffic at the library.

Venue is ADA compliant and has free open wi-fi and a digital projector.
Thanks to all who attended for making this a success!
Major results:
- approved bylaws change to create position of alternate delegate to GPUS National Committee;
- elected two regular NC delegates and three alternates
- created platform committee
- next conventions: Portland July 27/28 (final), Coos Bay October 19/20 (tentative) 


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