August 8 Nominating and Campaigning Convention - Scio

Come to our 2nd Nominating Convention and Summer Campaign Organizing Meeting in Beautiful Scio, Oregon! Hosted on private land by PGP Oregon HD17 nominee Tim Dehne.

On our proposed agenda, we'll be considering the nominations of one or two more great candidates, and organizing our coordinated campaign to get awesome results this year. A bit of business with documents proposals too. 

Location: 38995 Richardson Gap Rd, Scio, OR, 97374. 

Directions:  East on Rt. 226 to Richardson Gap Rd, left; Address on posts at driveway, sign on fence says "Hay for Sale."

Camping available either before or after!

Plenty of space for social distancing, on 60 acres of private land for an entirely outdoor event. 

Wifi Available. We'll have remote participation via Zoom, though A/V quality can be unpredictable integrated with an outdoor daytime event.

Bring your own food! But a produce stand is near the venue.

More details TBA. Stay tuned!