Candidates filed for Nomination

Four candidates have filed their Statement of Candidacy for our upcoming Pacific Green Party convention.  Candidates are listed in the order they submitted their statement.




Gunnar Gundersen's Statement of Candidacy submitted 4/22/2018. 

Signatures by five Supporting Members verified 4/23/2018.


Mike Beilstein's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/15/2018.

Signatures by five Supporting Members verified 5/20/2018.


Michael Sonnleitner's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/21/2018

Signatures by five Supporting Members to be provided at convention.


Marvin Sannes's Statement of Candidacy submitted 5/23/2018

Two of the five signatures provided are from Supporting Members and five have been verified as registered with the Pacific Green Party as of 5/23/2018.