Pacific Green Party Convention in Coquille - October 19, 2019

Please join us at our Fall State Party Convention on the Oregon coast Saturday, October 19th starting at 10am! 

Everyone is invited, and admission is free. As a reminder, only PGP Supporting Members may vote.

To RSVP for the social (so we can send you the address of the BnB) please email

Owens Building

225 N Adams St

Coquille, Oregon 97423

Register here

Here is a link to the Convention live stream.

Coos Bay Convention - Draft Agenda

AM Session: Party Business: 10am - 12:30pm?

Bylaws change proposals and internal proposals 10-10:45

Discussion and Vote on Green Party member requirement for candidates - proposed in May, tabled at the Portland convention - (Nathalie) 20 min

New: Minor tweak to SCC election scheduling language (Dan): 10 min

Elections for SCC alternates 10:45-11:15am
→ Discussion and Vote on guidelines for the Committee to create alternates to the SCC proposal to be reviewed at the convention for election/appointment of alternates - 20 min
Candidates who have sent letters include:
Jessical Morrell
Trisha Driscoll
Ken Adams
Joe Valsek (potential)

Alternative agenda item 11:15am-12:30
Coming together for the 2020 campaigns
a) For each major race we want to focus on: what are the main talking points the PGP wants to convey - could help us recruit candidates
b) Major events/calendar for tabling and outreach en-masse, for example state fairs, major concerts, major festivals (rodeos, eeck)
c) What size budget do we need to fundraise for to succeed.

LUNCH (and extra time) 12:30-2:00

PM Local Program Barnstorming session: 2 pm - 4pm or 5pm??

Program focused on local initiatives, Community Rights and overlap with the Green Party Platform and campaigns
With Special guests:
Mary Geddry and Pattie Gouveia from Coos County
Debra Fant from Lincoln County
Nancy Ward from Columbia County
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknapp, National Director of Move to Amend (might arrive late)

7PM: Social - at the Women’s Caucus B&B