Green Candidate Daniel Polehn's Biography

My name is Daniel Polehn.  I was born and raised in The Dalles.  After graduating from high school I married my “adventuring buddy” Amanda.  We have three young children together.  I love seeing our kids run around the Treetop Play Park at Sorosis just like I did for so many years.  We can’t help but hop in the van to go explore the natural beauty of the gorge.
I work at the Google Data Center in town where I have been for the last 9 years.  I really enjoy the creative problem solving that comes with working in our ever changing industry.  When I’m not working or at home I enjoy swimming, cycling and running (or at least I tri).
I have a passion for preserving our community’s beauty and ensuring everyone is able to enjoy it for generations to come.  I believe we can improve the quality of life in our community through new trails and parks.  Now is a great time to do it!  For these reasons I have decided to run for the North Wasco County Parks and Recreation board.