A Washington native, I have always voted Green. In 2016, I was elected as a Delegate for Bernie Sanders and moved south to continue the charge for progressive politics to California. After battling hard for Sanders, I made my official #Demexit. I then traveled to the GP National Convention in Houston, TX just in time to meet Dr. Stein the day she accepted her nomination. My life was changed forever. I registered Green and ran for City Council in Santa Monica! Our campaign went very well in 2016, we rallied for the Party, for progressive slates across the US, and the Stein/Baraka run. The values and the pillars motivated us to keep on growing. Registering voters and teaching young greens.


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    Now is the time to get involved and do grassroots democracy.  Our only chance is to change things from the bottom up, together with our friends and neighbors. Become a volunteer