Greens denounce Big Pharma assault on Ocean’s shark populations

The Pacific Greens are imploring Oregon’s Senators to take a stand for wild sharks now being fished for their livers. In an open letter, the Greens ask the Senators to intervene and stop Covid 19 vaccine manufacturers from using Shark liver to produce a compound used in the production of vaccines.  NPR News reported on an ecocide alert from Shark Allies claiming the the demand for a covid19 vaccine will drive the shark species into extinction. They are circulating a petition demanding shark free vaccines.  Already the cosmetics industry, and other vaccine makers, kill over 2 million sharks a year for squalene, a compound found in fish liver oil.

The Covid vaccine will add another 500,000 a year to annual harvest; certainly an undercount, and certain to accelerate the drive toward extinction.

“As if the world’s ecosystem isn’t under enough strain, and now with Big Pharma demanding more shark livers from creatures important in the ocean web of life, is more insanity, “ said Charles Newlin, PGP Media Contact. “Unfortunately getting squalene from shark livers is cheaper than producing it from plant based sources, but the cheap cost of shark doesn’t factor in the cost of a species going extinct, nor does it consider the cost to the future of not having a viable ocean ecosystem,” said Newlin. “Killing shark for their oil is immoral and needs to stop.”

“We’ve asked Oregon’s Senators to intervene and stop Big Pharma from wrecking havoc on shark populations; making a vaccine for human populations doesn’t have to come at the cost of the shark populations around the world,” said Newlin. “Humans need to show more compassion to the web-of-life and stop the relentless attack on nature. We believe there is wisdom in nature, but if it is killed off, then humans lose out.”

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