Lane County Chapter

Our Lane Greens chapter has been quite busy, most recently tabling March 3-5 at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference held annually at the University of Oregon.  The Green Party has always been welcome at PIELC and we've been tabling there for years.

Statements and Endorsements of Pacific Green Party, Lane Chapter made in quorum meetings:

Jan 6, 2018: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County condemns Israel’s abuse of Ahed Tamimi and her family.”

Dec 23, 2017: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County condemns the unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We strongly support the right of the Palestinian people to freedom from occupation. We stand with the U.N. general assembly in declaring the move ‘null and void.’

Dec 2, 2017: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County supports preserving net neutrality and considers it a human right.”

Nov 18, 2017: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County supports the establishment of Community Broadband in all of Lane County.”

Oct 21, 2017: endorsement: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County supports the development of”

Endorsement: “to develop a global economy in which nations, local communities, labor unions and individual workers can acquire and retain control of their own destinies and build prosperity in an ecologically sound manner’ - PGP Platform.

Pacific Green Party, Lane County supports Lane County workers in their efforts to negotiate a fair contract.”

Oct 5, 2017: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County has concerns that the Eugene road bond measure is a flawed and deceptive approach to managing city transportation in an ecologically sound, fiscally responsible and socially equitable manner.”

Sep 7, 2017: “We stand in solidarity with DACA recipients, all of whom have been a benefit to our nation.”

“Pacific Green Party, Lane County deplores the planned escalation of U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan, its ongoing incursions in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, campaigns to destabilize Ukraine and Venezuela, and illegal threats of force against Russia, Iran and North Korea. We urge the people of Lane County to join us in demanding that our government abide by international law and end its colonial policies. We also call for the dissolution of the unelected bureaucracy which perpetuates these policies, particularly the CIA and its partners in the military-industrial complex. We recognize that the corporate-funded parties cannot effectively oppose the war economy from which their donors profit; only grassroots action with mass participation can prevail.”

Jul 6, 2017: endorsement: City Auditor Charter Amendment (elected)

“Pacific Green Party, Lane County commends the organization of ‘Ward 9: Homeless Neighborhood Association’ by the unhoused in Lane County, and we offer what assistance we can render.”

Jun 22, 2017: endorsement: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County endorses and applauds Governor Brown’s public commitment for Oregon to adhere to the targets of the Paris Climate Accords.”

Jun 15, 2017: "Pacific Green Party, Lane County stands in solidarity with Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties in opposing the Pacific Connector Pipeline."

May 27, 2017: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County strongly condemns the recently concluded arms deal to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We see it as a continuation of failed policy of fueling armed conflict in the region. We stand in solidarity with the people suffering from these failed policies in the middle east, as well as with all parties seeking peaceful and just solutions to the various conflicts in the region. We support renewable energy and education, and policies founded on peace, justice and human rights.”

May 7, 2017: regarding SB990 (small modular reactors): “There is no known way to safely dispose of nuclear waste, regardless of the technology used. It is feasible to meet our energy needs through energy conservation, efficiency and renewable resources. Pacific Green Party, Lane County categorically opposes any use of fission reactors within the State of Oregon.”

“Pacific Green Party, Lane County supports UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and requires that our representatives respect Oregonians' rights to free speech, to boycott and to petition government bodies on their divestment decisions."

April 9, 2017: statement  On the Attack on Shayrat Airbase 

Mar 19, 2017: “in regards to HB2669 and SB995, we support monitoring of toxic chemicals and public access to this information.”

Mar 12, 2017: endorsement: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County endorses the Community Self-Government Charter [Amendment]

October 16, 2016: “Pacific Green Party, Lane County hereby resolves that the Elliott State Forest should stay as public land