Minutes from October 22, 2005 Harvest Gathering

Pacific Green Party of Oregon
Harvest Gathering, October 23, 2005
Newport Pubblic Library, Newport, Oregon
Notes taken by Dale Chambers, typed by Peter Drake.


Joanne Cvar: Media. Non-violence, justice. Resides in Walport, Oregon.

Steve Geiger: Portland, Oregon. Metro chapter. State coordinator. Interests: accountability in government, forest defense, media - film festivals.

George Huntington: State coordinator. Resides in Newport, Oregon. Interests: bio-diesel, alternative fuels, co-ops, war in Iraq and its casualties.

Busiel(?): NE Portland, Oregon. Interests: equal education, trees.

Pam Vavra(?): Ashland, Oregon. Interests: IRV - petition on the Ashland, Oregon city elections, Ed Winslow campaign for governor, raising turkeys.

Matt: School teacher, PSU graduate school. Interests: forest issues, campaign finance reform,

Stephanie: Portland, Oregon. Interests: solar energy, universal suffrage.

Jeff Cropp: Portland, Oregon. Interests: solar energy (Mr. Sun Solar), public utility districts, alternative transportation.

Seth Wooley: Portland, Oregon. Interests: technical activist, IRV, campaign finance reform, environment.

Chris Henry: Portland, Oregon. C0-chair state party, co-chair metro chapter. Interests: party organization and development, chapters, students, bio-diesel, alternative transportation.

Andrew Rodman: Newport, Oregon. Interests: m-tilt(?), organic certified sustainer(?), outreach, health food stores.

Kathy Clever: Lincoln City, Oregon. Interests: writing.

Leslie Cole: Lane county chapter, Eugene, Oregon. Co-chair of PGP Lane county chapter. Replacing Max Williams. Interests: end occupation in Iraq, CFR / IRV, heritage turkeys.

Jeff Straing: Portland, Oregon. Interests: economics, affordable housing.

Paul Loney: Portland, Oregon. Interests: neighborhood issues, CFR / IRV, NORML marijuana issues.

Lori Burton and daughters(?). Interests: green practice.

Teresa Keane: Portland, Oregon. PGP state co-chair, local co-chair.

Blair (Bobier?): Philomath, Oregon. Attorney at law. Interests: events, democracy.

Fred Nussbaum: AORTA speaker. Interests: railroad and mass transit legislation, solar energy, recycling.

Monica Schreiber: Coos county. Coos Bay, Oregon. Interests: environmental causes, Americorps - beach cleanup.

Speaker Fred Nussbaum (from Association of Oregon Rail Transit Advocates)

Current transportation system inefficient.

Current Amtrak $1.25 billion in investment. Federal highway $35 billion. State road contribution $140 billion.

Oregon: $4 million Cascades Amtrak. 2003-4, $15 million for capital improvement. Low priority by state and federal government. No funding towards increasing bus service and leasing equipment.

28% increase 1994 - successful funding. Currently there are roadblocks: aire & highway contractors, auto manufacturers. States depend on federal level.

Willamette valley rail travel 60 mph top speed. 25-30 mph intercity travel. $100 million up main line. Double track Eugene to Portland. 1 hour travel time.

Washington: state legislature funds highway, freeway, mass transit, and bus services - better funding train (in?) the state of Washington. $300 million for 10 years on I-5 corridor. Alternative fuels, environmentally renewed sources. Amtrak only coordinates NE US.

PGP platform committee on transportation: Teresa Keane, Joanne Cvar, Chris Henry, Dale Chambers.

The Coos Bay chapter is showing the film “End of Suburbia”.

Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO): the co-chair of Ashland chapter of PGP introduced campaign finance reform before the Sunriver conference. It was opposed by DPO executive director and state (Dems?) at the conference.

Steve Geiger asked the questions about what roadblocks are there to stop corporate access.

12 noon, lunch. Lori Burton, facilitator for the gathering stated after lunch the PGP members would spend an hour cleaning up the park adjacent to the Newport Public Library.

3 pm, meeting resumes.

Teresa Keane says we need to close corporate loopholes and work for good media access.

Lane county; zero k (?) petitions, and recycle petitions statutes(?). Grateful to Harry Lonsdale says Teresa Keane.

Pam: fair elections.

Chris Henry: 2-3 weeks mailer, corrected mailer deficiencies. Mailing on CFR sent out. Teresa Keane says, “take many sheet on CFR”.

Affordable health care and endorsement of candidates at the next PGP convention in Ashland in February 2006.

Paul Loney attorney at law, Jeff Strang national delegates from the state PGP. Marnie Glickman serves as the accreditation committee / state caucuses.

Curt Sommer, West Linn, Oregon. Interests: bio-diesel, running for West Linn city council next year (2006).

Dale Chambers. PGP metro chapter, Oregon City, Oregon. Interests: labor, transportation, health care.

Dawn Chambers. PGP metro chapter, Oregon City, Oregon. Interests: fundraising for the PGP metro chapter, working on Xander Patterson’s campaign form Multnomah County commissioner (mailings), recycling issues.

1:10 PM(?) Bylaws changes introduced by Jeff Strang. Curt Sommer(?) opposed bylaws changes.

Barbley(??): international Green Party.

Joanne Cvar: rural caucuses.

Green Party of United States name change.

National convention was this last summer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. National election - proportional representation. National bylaws, coordinated campaign, Green Pages, media standing committees. Oregon 2 national delegates. People who run the office on state level. Creditation(?) seem to fill out(?).

PGP nominating convention in Ashland, Oregon, February 2006. GPUS: Greens, women, black, youth, latin@, world greens. Joanne Cvar discussed the email language problem. Not the federal government mandate that thou shalt not speak. Lori Burton: we need to be considerate to sensibilities of human beings.

1:00 PM(?) guitar performance by Jeff Strang.

Steve Geiger state that the PGP and GPUS is in a leavening process and growing pains. Joanne Cvar stated we need to work with consensus. Listening to others is a win-win situation. Democracy, we can take a vote.

Convention ended(?) at 4:00 PM.