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    Start a Local Chapter

    It's easy and exiting to start a new Pacific Green Party chapter!  There's great joy in working with others for a Green future. Chapters are generally organized on a county level, but there are exceptions like Multnomah County, home of most of Portland's Metro Area, millions of people and three chapters.  Simple steps to get going:

    1. requesting a map and list of Greens living in your county here.
    2. ordering brochures, voter guides, registration forms etc here.
    3. organizing and publicizing a meetup or house party here.
    4. getting five Greens to sign up for the new chapter and mailing a copy of the signup sheet to the Pacific Green Party, PO Box 1606 Eugene OR 97440.
    5. And of course filling out the form below so that we can get in touch and get you the support you need.

    The Pacific Green Party has funding available to help new chapters and a Revenue Sharing program for chapters that are able to establish a political action committee.

    Become a volunteer

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    Now is the time to get involved and do grassroots democracy.  Our only chance is to change things from the bottom up, together with our friends and neighbors. Become a volunteer