1st Nominating Convention June 4, 2022

Pacific Green Party of Oregon is hosting this year's 1st Nominating Convention on Saturday, June 4. 10:00am - 3pm.

The convention marks the launch of our candidate recruitment campaign, ending on the 2nd Nominating Convention Saturday August 6th


RUN FOR OFFICE; recruit and support green candidates!! 

Information about how to run an effective campaign and registering your interest can be found at pacificgreens.org/campaigns

Here is the link to the June 2022 Convention Draft Agenda, with links to the documents to be reviewed.  The final agenda is set at the convention proper.

Please REGISTER to attend (at the bottom of the page) - we need to credential you beforehand.  When registered you will be able to join through this link.

Email [email protected] to submit agenda items for consideration by Convention Committee. Proposals for bylaws changes, endorsements, must by submitted at least 30 days prior to Convention. However, agenda item may be added to agenda on day of convention by vote of convention.

Review of races open for 2022, declared candidates

Please fill this Statement of Candidacy for Elected Office if you are interested in running for office in 2022

We strive to reach consensus, so you can have a voice in the decisions because we use a modified consensus process.  We go to a vote only when there is a group unwilling to stand aside; this avoids stalemates.

June 04, 2022 at 10:00am - 8pm
1st Nominating Convention June 4, 2022
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