Pacific Greens denounce CARES ACT; support solidarity with workers; call for General Strike

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon issued a May Day statement declaring solidarity with working people of America.

Salem, Oregon –

"As we approach May Day, 2020, Pacific Greens of Oregon stand in solidarity with workers of the world, unionized and not, and invite us all, we the people, to envision a world that dignifies all people, without the extreme class divide which locks many into a permanent state of poverty. The Pacific Green Party supports workers’ rights to organize, to earn a living wage, to have medical care and affordable housing,” declares the open statement for May Day celebration.

By a bi-partisan vote of Congress, the ironically named CARES Act provides $trillions in aid to financial and corporate giants, while a pittance of financial support is extended to workers and small businesses trying to survive Covid-19 lock-downs.

The CARES Act passed unanimously by both parties, but it reveals the real loyalty of the duopoly parties: the majority of the benefit is going to the corporations, banks and securities companies,” said Charles Newlin, member on the Pacific Green Party’s leadership team.

The total failure of elected officials to represent the working people of America has inspired calls for a General Strike, including payment strikes. Labor activists are looking to use a wave of strike actions to protest the economic hardships of the pandemic. The Pacific Green Party stands in solidarity with the labor movement and recognizes that a General Strike may ultimately be necessary to get reforms” said Newlin.

The Pacific Green Party also calls for the repeal of the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act and supports improved Medicare for All so that access to medical care isn’t dependent on employment a pitfall that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown Americans into.


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Charles Newlin

PGP State Coordinating Committee member