The Race is On 2020

Roland G. Aranjo

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifiza Curry

Howie Hawkins

Dario Hunter

Dennis Lambert

David Rolde

Ian Schlakman


Your GPUS candidates so far as listed by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee!

The 2020 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention will take place in Detroit, Michigan, from July 9-12. The Detroit Green Party, Wayne County Green Party and the Green Party of Michigan will host the Convention at Wayne State University.  

Think the Green candidate magically appears after the duopoly candidates are anointed? We have our selection process too - but it only works with YOU involved. Take some time to study the field, and we'll see you at our nominating convention in 2020!

The PGP is committed to presenting the GPUS presidential nomination contest in an impartial manner without favor to any particular candidate.