Voter Registration Drive

Our new goal: Moving from 4th to 3rd place.

We are not far behind the Libertarian party, which is temporarily the 4th largest party in Oregon.  Our goal is reach a registration of at least 15,000 Greens, which will make US the 4th largest party.

Door to Door and tabling

We are looking for volunteers to table at local venues and walk door-to-door to register new voters.  Check in with your local county chapter.  

Tabling at major venues

We need volunteers to:

  • tell us about upcoming events, and post info on our Calendar.
  • table at the event, materials (voter forms, signup sheets, flyers, posters) can be requested at our Request Materials page.
  • post pictures and writeups about the event!

Also included in this category is tabling at colleges and universities.

New Chapters

If you don't have a local chapter, start one!  We can provide material, voter lists, and guidance to anyone seeking to start a new chapter.