Wage Peace, Fight for Justice Coalition

JOIN US this Monday January 16, at the MLK rally and March.  Please email [email protected] to connect, we need a few hands to hold our banners,  bring your peace signs.

A group of activists representing a number of organizations has started meeting on Wednesday evenings, 6pm to start working on joint actions.  In Portland you can attend in person (email [email protected] for the address) or simply join us online (link here)

There are many angles to this intersectional struggle; a militarized society affects the poor, BIPOC and women and children the most.  We have ideas for several events in the next few months where we can build bridges (MLK, V day, International Women's day, Mother's Day, Earth Day, May Day, International Freedom of the Press Day on May 3rd).

We are also considering several potential projects, for example divestment campaigns, campus activities, sit-ins, media work, etc.


Some of the organizations involved include the Progressive Party, CodePink, World Beyond War, Veterans for Peace - we just got started, contact us if you want to be part of the coalition or represent another group.  This page will probably migrate to a more "neutral" site in the near future.

And yes, we need some graphic artists on board...

Video with peace art:

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