Who's Going Green?

The Pacific Green Party is the party of choice for almost 11,000 registered voters. As show in the figure below - created from Oregon Secretary of State voter file dated 4 August 2012 - our party is the consistent choice of young voters:


We registered over 2,000 new Greens in a successful bid to present Green Party candidates on the 2012 Oregon ballot.  Take at look at who is joining:

About 1,500 of our new Greens changed their registration from another party, or from being non-affiliated with any party.  As shown below, many Democrat voters have finally given up on up their party, and we are attracting a signficant number of truly independent voters:


In partisan elections, we get over 50,000 votes consistently, despite the two party duopoly. We’re proud to be a part of a progressive movement that holds over 200 elected offices across the U.S. and many more around the world.

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon needs you! For plenty of reasons, now is the time to register Pacific Greenvolunteer, and donate. With your help, a better world is possible.