Run for Office

You can make a big difference as a Green in elected office!  Here's a list of seats to consider:

  • school board
  • conservation district
  • city or county council
  • mayor
  • Oregon House or Senate
  • Oregon Federal Congressional districts
  • Oregon Federal Senate seats
  • state offices, including Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc.

Every election there are often local seats which are uncontested.  Getting your name on ballot in these cases means you will likely win that election. 

We can help you with paperwork, treasury, volunteers, voter lists, and free assistance consulting on how to navigate your way through the process.  Everybody should run for office at least once.  Consider it your duty.  If you've never run for office before and don't like the limelight of a higher office, consider joining a neighborhood association.  You might find it's fun to be contributing to your community through civic engagement, even if it involves just your local neighbors.  Think globally, act locally!

Candidate Filing Quick Guide


Welcome! And congratulations. One of the principal purposes of the PGP is to run candidates for office at all levels of government and to help get them elected. So, if you’re considering running, we welcome and applaud you. What follows is intended to help you along the way.

If you intend to run for state or local office you should visit Run For Public Office.  This site will link you to the various forms you will need to submit to the state to comply with Oregon Election Laws.

Those running for a Federal office should visit the Federal Elections Committee.

Oregon Election Laws

These document are free and available from the State Elections Division of
the Secretary of State’s office, at (503) 986-1518 or 1-866-ORE VOTE .

If you intend to run for a local office (city council or county commissioner, for example), you should check with your county clerk for the relevant documents and instructions.

If you will be seeking the nomination of the PGP:

Please supply the information described in the Statement of Candidacy. The information you supply here will be reviewed by the PGP Elections Committee, and their recommendation will be made to the full PGP statewide nominating convention.

If you are seeking the endorsement of the PGP:

For a non-partisan race, please note that in your Statement of Candidacy.

Please note that there are printed materials that you may find useful in your campaign: