Ranked Choice Voting on Benton County Ballot for November


photo of the campaign team turning in 4,500 signatures on 9 August

Press Release: The Benton County Elections Department has notified the Benton County Ranked Choice Voting campaign that its charter amendment initiative will be on the November ballot.  In a letter dated August 12, Benton County Clerk James Morales confirmed that the Better Ballots campaign submitted far more than the required number of valid signatures to put its measure before county voters on Election Day.  Now identified as Benton County Measure 2-100, the initiative calls for electing county officials in the general election by Ranked Choice Voting.  Party primaries will not be affected by the measure.  Full text of the release is available here.

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Watch Jill and Ajamu live on CNN Wed 8/17 5:30pm PST


Be sure to watch Jill and Ajamu LIVE on CNN Wed 8/17 starting at 6pm PST.  We'll gather at 5:30pm.  If you can't find a meetup or gathering in your vicinity - start one and send us the details so we can post it here!

2309 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 9720 - hosted by Brian Setzler (503) 367-5631

The watch party scheduled for Eugene at the Grower's Market has been cancelled due to unavailability of cable TV access at the Market to view CNN livestream.

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HOT NEWS - We've met our goal!


We're done!

And not only did we exceed our goal to gather 2300+ signatures for our four petitions, we gathered an additional 300+ signatures for a last minute filing by Mike Beilstein!   

Status of signature gathering for our petitions as of 15 Aug 2016:

Candidate Goal Gathered % Total
Jill Stein * 575 721 125% 
Pacific Green Party   575 651 113% 
Alan Zundel 575 592  103% 
Eric Navickas 575 590 102% 
Mike Beilstein 350 398 113% 
Totals 2650 2952 111% 
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LIVE VIDEO: Watch Jill’s nomination in Houston


Tune in from 11:30am to 2pm PST today to livestream as Jill's campaign broadcasts through Facebook and website. Use the hashtag #GNCinHOU when you share on social media.

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How to gather Voter Pamphlet petition signatures

It would cost us $14,100 to get Green Party candidate statements printed in the Oregon Voter's Pamphlet which is mailed to every voter for the November 2016 election.  The good news is, we can avoid those fees. 

But we need your help. 

We can petition the Secretary of State to waive those onerous amounts. We need volunteers to hit the streets now and circulate petitions before August 16th!  So time is of the essence.  To help out contact:

Trisha Driscoll
Pacific Greens and Jill Stein
Statewide Volunteer Coordinator
phone/text: 541-337-6786


If you haven't gathered signatures before, you might review this summary guide for volunteer petition circulators.  When you print the petitions out, be sure to print the statement on the reverse of the signature sheet.

Petition for Download Sigs Needed
Jill Stein US President  PDF file


Mike Beilstein CD4  PDF file


Alan Zundel SOS  PDF file


Eric Navickas US Senate 

 PDF file

Pacific Green Party

PDF file


Notes (1) having the Jill Stein flyer on the back of your clipboard is an easy way to attract folks to sign the petitions


  1. print the candidate or party statement on the reverse side of EVERY petition.  As an alternative, you may staple a copy of the statement, again to EVERY petition
  2. check that you've signed your name, printed your name, and dated the petition as circulator.
  3. mail the petitions via PRIORITY mail with tracking on Monday 8 August or hand deliver petitions to our Eugene office.  The party will reimburse you the mailing costs if you so desire.
  4. call Trisha at 541-337-6786 to alert her that petitions are due in the mail.

Pacific Green Party
PO Box 1606
Eugene OR 97440

Office address is 454 Willamette St, #219.


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Benton County Comissioners back Ranked Choice Voting initiative!


All three Benton County Commissioners have now individually endorsed a Ranked Choice Voting initiative expected to be on the ballot this November. The initiative, co-sponsored by State Rep. Dan Rayfield and Benton County Planning Commissioner Blair Bobier, calls for electing county officials by Ranked Choice Voting, also known as Instant Runoff Voting or preference voting. Read the full press release here.

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How to submit a signature petition for yourself and friends

Many people can't afford the time to circulate or canvass, so we offer the following method by which you can sign and submit a petition just with your own signature, or better yet a few signatures you've gathered from family, friends, and neighbors.  We have four petitions available to sign.  The good news is that it's easy:

  1. for each petition, print out the signature page on one side, and the statement on the other.  All the petitions and instructions for printing can be found here.
  2. on line 1 of the signature page, sign, date (make sure you use mm/dd/yy format, i.e. 07/25/16), print your name and address.  add other signatures on the remaining lines.
  3. cross out any blank remaining blank lines
  4. at the bottom, in the Circulator Certification section, enter the same information as in #2

To view an example of a single signature petition, click here.

Mail the completed petitions to:

Pacific Green Party
PO Box 1606
Eugene OR 97440

Lastly, send an email to volunteer@pacificgreens.org to let us know there are petitions coming in the mail.

Thanks so much for your support!

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Sign for Stein (Eugene) Thursday 7/28 Wayward Lamb 5-6:30 pm

2016_07_26_Sign_For_Stein.JPG   Meetup this Thursday, 26 July, in Eugene outside at the Wayward Lamb Pub at 150 W Broadway.  Swing by between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and add your signature to those petitions!  You can find Jill's statement here.  Call or text Trisha at 541-337-6786 for info on this meetup and all our 2016 Green Party Candidates
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Sign for Stein (Salem) Wed 3 Aug Salem Wednesday Market 10 am


Meetup Wedneday, 3 August at the Salem Wednesday Market starting at 10 a.m. You can find Jill's statement here.  Call or text our Salem Chapter point person Byron Harmon at (503) 689-5466 for info on this meetup and our 2016 Green Party Candidates.

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Date Change: Convention in Portland now 14 Aug 2016


A Nominating Convention for the Pacific Green Party has been re-scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 14, in Portland's Woodstock  Public Library 6008 SE 49th Ave from noon until 4 p.m.

We have a tentative agenda, click read more for details.

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