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Decisions taken at March 2010 Nominating Convention

Decisions from the March 6, 2010 Nominating Convention Rick Staggenborg nominated for U.S. Senate by instant runoff voting.Results of first ballotRick Staggenborg 12Candy Neville 3None of the Above 2Abstention 1

Decisions taken at February 2008 Convention

Location of June Annual Business and Nominating Convention was agreed by consensus to be held in Portland on June 7-8 2008. June 7th is the date for the Nominating Convention and June 8th is the date for the Annual Business Convnention. Changing references to “ASGP”in the Bylaws to “GPUS” were agreed by consensus with one stand-aside: Ken Adams. This change had previously been announced and posted on the web site. The new Secretary (see below) has the action to send a copy of the revised Bylaws to the Oregon Secretary of State within 30 days. The change to the delegation count in the Bylaws was agreed by consensus to be moved to the June convention for a vote. This change will be announced again and is already posted on the web site. Endorsement of the follow campaigns was reached by consensus: Free Cuban Five: The PGP thanks those supporting the Cuban 5 and calls for their immediate release from prison and return to their families in Cuba. Sweat Free North West Campaign: voted to endorse Mining Tour: voted yes to endorse and make a $200 contribution March 15th World Without War Rally in Portland: voted yes to endorse and make a $50 contribution March 16th Sow Seeds Of Peace Rally in Eugene: voted yes to endorse and make a $50 contribution March 22nd Rally in Corvallis: voted yes to endorse Seth Woolley was voted by consensus to fill the office of PGP Secretary.

Convention Minutes April 2007

Pacific Green Party Convention in Eugene OregonSunday April 22nd 2007 – Minutes Convention attendees:Lori Burton, George Hutchinson, Delbert McCombs, Pat Driscol, Tim Denhe, Chris Henry, Mary Cole, Lance Geiger, Steve Geiger, and Erik Douglas via video conferencing from the UK.   Continue reading

Convention Minutes October 2006

Pacific Green Party of OregonMinutes: Business convention October 7, 2006Portland State University Continue reading

Convention Minutes June 2006

June 17, 2006 Convention Minutes Continue reading

Minutes from October 22, 2005 Harvest Gathering

Pacific Green Party of OregonHarvest Gathering, October 23, 2005Newport Pubblic Library, Newport, OregonNotes taken by Dale Chambers, typed by Peter Drake. Continue reading

Convention Minutes February 2005

February 19, 2005 Pacific Green Party State Convention Minutes - Draft Facilitator – Lori BurtonMinute Taker – don’t have her nameAttendance: 35 Continue reading

Convention Minutes August 2004

Pacific Green Party Convention 
August 14, 2004 
Cramer Hall, Portland State University 
 Attendance: 35 
 Facilitator: Lori Burton 
 Recorder of minutes: Monica Schreiber  Continue reading