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15 Days until the electionIf letters are received by publications after this week, the chance of them appearing in print diminish. For mid-valley folks, you can write to the GT at [email protected].  The Eugene Weekly address is [email protected]  Write to whatever paper you can--The Oregonian, the Salem Statesman Journal, the Eugene Register Guard, etc.

Top Two is supported by billionaires.  The NO side is supported by YOU.

Resources: No On Measure 90   Save Oregon Demcoracy

Measure 90: Dangerous and Deceptive




Vote NO on Measure 90

Dangerous & Deceptive: Excellent guest viewpoint article in the Eugene Weekly by Pacific Green Party founder Blair Bobier.  Do add your comments to this online article.

Also, read here about the ENRON energy trader John Arnold who is spending $1.5 million on passing Measure 90. Manipulating energy markets was not enough, now the agenda is manipulating Oregon's elections!

Vote YES on Measure 92 - GMO Right To Know!

2014_yes_on_92.jpg   As of October 11, Monsanto has donated more than $1.5 MILLION to defeate GMO labeling in Oregon! This November, Oregon could become the first state to pass a ballot initiative to require labeling for GMO foods. Show your support for labeling by adding your name on the Oregon Right To Know website.

Vote YES on Measure 91 - Legalize Hemp and Marijuana

2014_vote_yes_on_91.png    Measure 91 will replace our failed approach of treating marijuana use as a crime with a strict system of legal regulation and taxation – and only for adults 21 and over. This will make a real, positive difference for Oregon and Oregonians.  For more information, please visit the Vote Yes On 91 website

Vote YES on Measure 89 - Equal Rights Amendment

2014_vote_yes_on_89.JPG   Our constitution was written in 1859 at a time when women didn't have a right to vote, to own property, and often had little or no educational or vocational opportunities in life other than to be wives and mothers. Women are a majority of citizens in Oregon and 82% of all Oregonians support an Equal Rights Amendment.  It is time to bring the Oregon Constitution from the 19th century to the 21st century.  It is time to vote yes on Measure 89 to secure the rights of girls and women in Oregon for generations to come.  For more info, visit VoteERA website.

Green Candidates interviewed on KBOO


Click on links to hear interviews done recently on KBOO:

Alex Polikoff   Christina Lugo   Jason Levin   Mike Beilstein

Demand OPB include ALL qualified candidates

OPB_Graphic.JPG   OPB sent a response to an inquiry regarding election debates indicating that they are considering NOT including EVERY QUALIFIED CANDIDATE for a given office.  We've sent them a letter in response, and are prepared to take legal action if they proceed scheduling a debate without including a qualified Pacific Green Party candidate.  Full text of letter below the fold.  Do take a moment to contact OPB and share your concerns.
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Jason Levin generates media coverage!


Coverage is from Jason Levin's appearances at two Oregon Governor's debates, one invited, the other not. Way to go Jason!

Statesman Journal          Portland Tribune        Listen to KBOO Interview

Corrente blog                  Register Guard 

Jason Levin crashes Governor's "Debate"

Jason_Levin_OPB.JPG   Pacific Green Party gubernatorial candidate Jason Levin (holding mic in the photo) got online air-time when he strolled into Pamplin Media Group on Monday morning and (quite rightly) demanded to be a part of the scheduled debate between the two corporate party candidates Gov. John Kitzhaber and his challenger, Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point).  Read the OPB report here.  Donate to Jason's campaign here.



Please join candidates Christina Jean Lugo, Pacific Green Party and Raymond Baldwin, Constitiution Party for a minor party candidates US Congressional debate being held at the:
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, Oregon
Sept 24th 2pm Student Center
For more information contact the campaign of
Christina Lugo at