Green Party calls out Democratic Party efforts to suppress minor party access to the ballot box.

Ironically named "Freedom To Vote Act", S2747, follows failed "For The People Act", also known as HR1.

Ballot Box surrounded by barbed wire

It is truly enraging but not surprising, that Democratic leadership is not rising to the occasion to do away with the Filibuster, an undemocratic Jim Crow relic, to protect and expand voting rights for everyone. 

Against a Republican legislative juggernaut opposed to federal standards for early voting, vote-by-mail and voter registration [and enhanced] financial disclosure requirements for political groups, HR1 failed to pass.

The Green Party lobbied to amend HR1 to not increase the qualifying threshold for matching funds from the current $5000 minimum to $25,000. Now, Democrats have returned with an even harsher demands for qualification to access the ballot box under S2747.

Using the cover of advancing needed voting rights reform, Democrats seem more hell bent on making it near impossible for minor parties, like the Greens, to qualify for and retain ballot access.  It also further entrenches the hold of moneyed interests on our elections.

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Greens call for leniency, pardon for Whistleblower Daniel Hale.

Daniel Hale with cat

Whistleblower protection is critical to prevent Government excesses, free Daniel Hale

Greens are committed to peace and non-violence including calling out the militarism that plagues our country.  We stand in solidarity with whistleblower Daniel Hale who was prosecuted under the Espionage Act, and which unjustly denies him civil rights protections under the Whistle Blower Act of 1989.

Facing 30 years in the federal penitentiary if found guilty at trial, Hale pleaded guilty to one count of leaking classified information on the U.S. drone and targeted assassination program. He now faces 10 years behind bars, sentencing by federal court by Judge Liam O’Grady on Tuesday 7/27/2021. He was sentenced to 47 months.

Prosecution under the WWI-era Espionage Act strips defendants of rights afforded under the Whistleblower Protection Act. However, Hale’s leak did not put American personnel at risk and only revealed a callous disregard for collateral damage by American military planners.

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Undocumented face unjust deportations without universal representation.

Pacific Greens support proposed legislation to put a check on Federal authority.

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon supports a legislative idea, advanced by Pueblo Unido PDX, that would  provide a framework for establishing a universal representation system to protect undocumented immigrants from unjust state authority, currently under review in Legislative Council.

Undocumented immigrants face a constant threat of unjust deportations from Immigration, Customs Enforcement. For this reason, immigrant rights proponents associated with the Fair Shot initiative want legislation that will ensure a fair hearing by requiring representation for the undocumented.
Without ‘fair hearing’ legislation, the Federal immigration authorities are able to act with impunity against those seeking asylum, and deny a fair hearing by denying process and opportunity to make their case.
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Biden follows Trump in pursuing Assange extradition; continues relentless attack on press freedom

Pacific Greens call on President to suspend extradition and issue pardon.

The Pacific Green Party stands in solidarity with Amnesty International and an array of press freedom and human rights organizations, including Reporters Without Borders and Human Rights Watch, in urging the Biden administration to drop the extradition demand in Great Britain and the specious US espionage case against Julian Assange.
At stake in Assange’s prosecution are freedom of the press and whistle blower protections.
Assange, founder of Wikileaks, which published revelations of torture techniques used by the US military in Guantanamo, video footage of a 2007 Apache helicopter attack in Iraq that killed journalists, and secret drone strikes conducted by the US in Yemen, has long been a target of the US Department of State and US military.
"The prosecution of Assange for publishing embarrassing information about US government actions is a threat to every publisher and journalist, a dangerous precedent that would void freedom of the press.  If Assange can be imprisoned, so can any publisher,” said Charles Newlin, PGPOR Media contact.
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Pacific Green Party of Oregon Endorses Campaign to Decriminalize Sex Work

Pacific Green Party of Oregon endorses campaign to decriminalize sex work, supporting HB 3088 which repeals crimes of prostitution

In line with their platform, Pacific Greens endorse the Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project ( to end criminal prosecution of sex work.  In Oregon, it is expressed in  House Bill 3088: repeals crimes of prostitution, commercial sexual solicitation and promotion of prostitution, recently introduced by Representative Nosse.

The Green Movement stands on the principles of non-violence and social justice, and from this perspective, Pacific Greens recognize that sex work without legal protections can enable violence against workers and patrons, as well as maximizing harm and interfering in adults' sexual decisions.
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Oregon Greens condemn Clackamas County Commissioner for racist, bigoted media posts

The Pacific Green Party calls for the immediate resignation of Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull for his remarks on social media demeaning Muslims, Trans people, and recklessly repeating misinformation.

In a news story run by the Pamplin Group, Shull is revealed to be a  bigot, which calls into question his ability to serve the public.  The PGP stands in solidarity with the call from the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Oregon for Shull’s resignation. The Council calls out the dangerous rhetoric employed by Shull. Their statement says: "At a time of heightened violence against Black and brown community members and our Muslim community, this rhetoric is reckless and dangerous, as shown by the extremist actions in our nation's Capitol last week."
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Pacific Green Party supports Ranked Choice Voting legislation

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon endorsed Ranked Choice Voting legislation; three House Bills sponsored by Representative Dan Rayfield would implement Ranked Choice Voting at the state, county and municipal levels. A Senate Bill sponsored by Senator Golden formally allows counties to use Ranked Choice Voting.

Ranked Choice Voting is a proven electoral reform that enhances voter choice, eliminates the third party spoiler effect, and saves on the cost of staging run-off elections. In addition, with secure off-grid electronic counting, and Oregon’s paper ballot, elections can be authenticated for accuracy very efficiently.

The Pacific Greens are making a full court press to get the word out about the House and Senate Bills:
-- HB 2678 which creates RCV for nonpartisan offices & major party primaries
-- HB 2685 which creates RCV for use in military & overseas ballots
-- HB 2686 which requires that all future voting tabulator purchases include capability for RCV
-- SB 343, sponsored by Senator Golden, allows counties to use RCV.
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PGP Demands Impeachment for the President's Role in Insurrection

And Calls for an Investigation of Double Standards in Policing

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon today called for the immediate initiation of impeachment proceedings following the president's incitement of an armed insurrection which resulted in the invasion and vandalism of the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress convened for the purpose of certifying the votes of the Electoral College.
“There is no excuse for what the President has done; he must be held to account,” said Charles Newlin, PGP media contact. “The President’s speech, and that of Rudi Giuliani and Don Jr., was intended to incite his followers to act. The evidence is clear and straightforward; there is a video of the president asking his followers to march on the Capitol, and to interrupt the certification process.”

The contrast of how the police force was deployed during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in the summer, compared to the deference that was afforded yesterday's right-wing mob, is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

"Both the president and the treasonous mob he incited must be held accountable," said Nathalie Paravicini, PGP former Co-Chair.  "Having two different standards of justice which are dependent on skin color, privilege or political views is simply unacceptable in America and elsewhere."

“Congress must pass articles of impeachment to hold the president accountable for his role in the armed insurrection, to make the historical record clear, and to safeguard future elections.”

Public Release: video of the Roundtable on the Elliott State Research Forest Proposal highlights its alleged potential and certain problems

Elliott Forest - Photo by Tim Giraudier

Click on the photo to watch the video  (photo by Tim Giraudier)

The Environmental Roundtable on the Elliott State Research Forest Proposal (part of the Gathering of the Allies meeting held December 5th) sparked an in-depth and robust discussion (almost argument) about the current proposal before the State Land Board, which met today, December 8. 

Watch the video and excellent presentations by Bob Salinger, Doug Pollock, Frances Eatherington, David Chinook Bean, Ken Carloni and others.  There were notable voices missing, particularly that of young people.  A participant sent the following message via chat:  "we all come to this with our own bias. one of the points of view that is missing is the point of view of younger people; it seems almost no one is under 50 let alone 30. There should be much more feedback surrounding global climate change and would be if younger people were involved."


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No to cutting Old Growth Forests

Elliott Forest - photo by Tim Giraudier

The Green Party calls for Independent Oversight, Ecological Research and an End to Clearcutting and the Logging of Old Growth Trees in the Elliott State Research Forest (ESRF)

Contact the Land Board NOW, links below

Oregon State University (OSU) is proposing to have the Elliot State Forest put under their full control under a proposal (the Elliott State Research Forest (ESRF) Proposal) which the Oregon Land Board will vote on Dec. 8th, 2020 While compromises have been made (thanks to allies on the Commission), simply put, OSU's plan is proposing to continue clearcutting on a significant portion of the ESRF (approx. 14,000 acres) and cut thousands of acres of older trees (mostly aged 100-152 years) in the "extensive" zones.  This is unacceptable for several key reasons:

1.  It fails to view utilizing the Elliott State Forest to significantly address climate change and the need for carbon sequestration. The recent fires have made this all the more poignant.

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