Pacific Green Party supports Ranked Choice Voting legislation

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon endorsed Ranked Choice Voting legislation; three House Bills sponsored by Representative Dan Rayfield would implement Ranked Choice Voting at the state, county and municipal levels. A Senate Bill sponsored by Senator Golden formally allows counties to use Ranked Choice Voting.

Ranked Choice Voting is a proven electoral reform that enhances voter choice, eliminates the third party spoiler effect, and saves on the cost of staging run-off elections. In addition, with secure off-grid electronic counting, and Oregon’s paper ballot, elections can be authenticated for accuracy very efficiently.

The Pacific Greens are making a full court press to get the word out about the House and Senate Bills:
-- HB 2678 which creates RCV for nonpartisan offices & major party primaries
-- HB 2685 which creates RCV for use in military & overseas ballots
-- HB 2686 which requires that all future voting tabulator purchases include capability for RCV
-- SB 343, sponsored by Senator Golden, allows counties to use RCV.
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PGP Demands Impeachment for the President's Role in Insurrection

And Calls for an Investigation of Double Standards in Policing

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon today called for the immediate initiation of impeachment proceedings following the president's incitement of an armed insurrection which resulted in the invasion and vandalism of the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress convened for the purpose of certifying the votes of the Electoral College.
“There is no excuse for what the President has done; he must be held to account,” said Charles Newlin, PGP media contact. “The President’s speech, and that of Rudi Giuliani and Don Jr., was intended to incite his followers to act. The evidence is clear and straightforward; there is a video of the president asking his followers to march on the Capitol, and to interrupt the certification process.”

The contrast of how the police force was deployed during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in the summer, compared to the deference that was afforded yesterday's right-wing mob, is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

"Both the president and the treasonous mob he incited must be held accountable," said Nathalie Paravicini, PGP former Co-Chair.  "Having two different standards of justice which are dependent on skin color, privilege or political views is simply unacceptable in America and elsewhere."

“Congress must pass articles of impeachment to hold the president accountable for his role in the armed insurrection, to make the historical record clear, and to safeguard future elections.”

Public Release: video of the Roundtable on the Elliott State Research Forest Proposal highlights its alleged potential and certain problems

Elliott Forest - Photo by Tim Giraudier

Click on the photo to watch the video  (photo by Tim Giraudier)

The Environmental Roundtable on the Elliott State Research Forest Proposal (part of the Gathering of the Allies meeting held December 5th) sparked an in-depth and robust discussion (almost argument) about the current proposal before the State Land Board, which met today, December 8. 

Watch the video and excellent presentations by Bob Salinger, Doug Pollock, Frances Eatherington, David Chinook Bean, Ken Carloni and others.  There were notable voices missing, particularly that of young people.  A participant sent the following message via chat:  "we all come to this with our own bias. one of the points of view that is missing is the point of view of younger people; it seems almost no one is under 50 let alone 30. There should be much more feedback surrounding global climate change and would be if younger people were involved."


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No to cutting Old Growth Forests

Elliott Forest - photo by Tim Giraudier

The Green Party calls for Independent Oversight, Ecological Research and an End to Clearcutting and the Logging of Old Growth Trees in the Elliott State Research Forest (ESRF)

Contact the Land Board NOW, links below

Oregon State University (OSU) is proposing to have the Elliot State Forest put under their full control under a proposal (the Elliott State Research Forest (ESRF) Proposal) which the Oregon Land Board will vote on Dec. 8th, 2020 While compromises have been made (thanks to allies on the Commission), simply put, OSU's plan is proposing to continue clearcutting on a significant portion of the ESRF (approx. 14,000 acres) and cut thousands of acres of older trees (mostly aged 100-152 years) in the "extensive" zones.  This is unacceptable for several key reasons:

1.  It fails to view utilizing the Elliott State Forest to significantly address climate change and the need for carbon sequestration. The recent fires have made this all the more poignant.

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Gathering of the Allies 2020Gathering of the Allies 2020, Dec 5

The Pacific Green Party has invited a number of key allies to come together and discuss upcoming initiatives and campaigns.  The landscape is changing, as the population is ever more polarized.  Campaign finance Reform is now a possibility in Oregon after Measure 10-7 and an initiative to institute Ranked Choice Voting has just been launched.  The fires last year and the Corona virus have magnified existing environmental and social divides.  The Green Party is inviting allies to review and discuss what they plan to do in the coming two years - how can we best support each other. We invite you and/or your organization to take part in one of the roundtables planned for December 5.

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Pacific Green Party Candidate Condemns Police Shooting of Michael Reinoehl

Justice is the first casualty when police shoot first and ask questions later. Questions hang over the September shooting of Michael Forest Reinoehl, a self-declared “anti-fa” activist, by members of a US Marshall Violent Offender Task Force.

Reverend Alex DiBlasi, PGP Candidate for the 3rd Congressional seat in Oregon, strongly condemns the shooting of Reinoehl and others.  “From the excessive number of bullets, to conflicting reports that these armed agents did not identify themselves as law enforcement, to Trump's "got him!" response, the death of Michael Reinohl seems less like the state pursuing justice and more like an extrajudicial killing. This puts our law enforcement in the same murderous league as the death squads of Bolsonaro's Brazil or Duterte's Philippines,” said DiBlasi.

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Pacific Green Party Calls for Creation of a Public Bank

Public BankThe Pacific Green Party of Oregon today called for the creation of a public bank, describing it as "critical for Oregon’s future," and announced plans to push for legislation in the upcoming 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature.  "Oregon must be able to provide housing, clean energy, clean air, and healthy food for its citizens. A public bank would empower the public interest in fulfilling these objectives," said Nathalie Paravicini, the PGP’s candidate for Secretary of State, who has been co-nominated by the Progressive Party.   
Pacific Greens call for local empowerment and believe a public banking system is critical for  empowersing communities to form strong economies built around ecological sustainability and social justice.  A public bank can enable the development of more affordable housing, renewable energy systems, community cooperatives, and urban vertically-configured agriculture systems - all critical elements in a sustainable future.  The PGP is a signatory to the Oregon Public Bank project and has co-nominated the Progressive Party candidate for Oregon Treasurer, Chris Henry, who is running on a public bank platform.  The Treasurer of Oregon is empowered to advance legislation and ultimately facilitate the development of a public banking system for Oregon’s economy.   You can find more information about the Public Bank Coalition and sign the petition at
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Pacific Greens condemn anonymous Federal agents making illegal arrests of protesters! Can incoming Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt make a difference to quell the violence?

Incoming Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt will be under the spotlight to see if he can make a difference by providing leadership to quell escalating violence between Federal police and extreme protestors. From water bottles to flash grenades to commercial grade fireworks, and toxic tear gas, more people will be hurt as the protests continue in this manner. Moreover, civil rights are being violated.

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Solidarity with Strike for Black Lives!

July 20 is planned for a nation-wide Strike for Black Lives! spearheaded by the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Pacific Greens stand in solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign, United for Peace and Justice, SEIU and all activist groups demanding economic justice and the end to systemic racism.

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Watch the GPUS National Convention Live!

The Pacific Green Party congratulates the Hawkins campaign on gaining the nomination at the GPUS convention. 
PGP delegates voted 3 for Howie, 2 for Dario, 1 for Sedinam and 1 for Dennis, as apportioned at our state nominating convention.
GPUS National Convention here