2017 Elections

Stay tuned for more news about our seven candidates running for local office in the May 16th 2017 Special Election!




Alex Polikoff


Alex Polikoff: veteran volunteer firefighter, engineer, mentor and advocate for youth, and champion of universal healthcare, is running for Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District, Position 2


Daniel Polehn


Daniel Polehn: native of the Dalles and a passionate lover of our community’s beauty, and made into a keen and creative problem solver by nine years of working with complex data, is running for North Wasco County Parks and Recreation Board, Position 5



Jacquie DeVaney


Jacqueline DeVaney: experienced and diligent nurse, adept clinical coordinator and ardent advocate for those in the community who most need compassion, is running for Clatsop County Care Center Health District Director, Position 3. 


Kindwyn Hoge


Kindwyn Hoge: faithful defender of funding and improvement for our public schools and promoter of green building & energy as well as ecological education, is running for Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District, Position 1.


Robert Goldberg


Bob Goldberg: chemist, environmental engineer, ecologist, writer and teacher, who stands up for the representation of those whose voices are seldom heard in the political system, is running for Astoria School District #1C Director, Position 5.


Cynthia Johnsen


Cindy Johnsen: a lifelong, widely experienced nurse and almost nonstop volunteer who believes that clean, safe drinking water goes hand in hand with political transparency in our public institutions and facilities, is running for John Day Water District Commissioner, Position 5. 


Zach Dotson


Zach Dotson is running for McMinnville School District Director position 1