What We Stand For

To recreate a vibrant democracy, substantial reforms are necessary. Implementing those reforms will require that officials at all levels of government be accountable to the people electing them. Robust, free and democratic societies emerge from dynamic community involvement.

Our economic system concentrates unprecedented wealth and power in the hands of a very few. Violence, illness, and oppression rob the many of the opportunity to thrive. Our democratic system, the cornerstone of our party’s philosophy, continues to erode.

As a society we extract resources from and dump waste into our environment at an unsustainable pace. We risk collapse of the ecosystem on which we depend unless we immediately and dramatically change our ways.

Yet we remain optimistic that together and with courage and commitment we can overcome the challenges facing our great State of Oregon, our nation and the world.

The Pacific Green Party is a genuine alternative political voice. Together we can change the course of our state to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to follow.

PEACE - a war economy to maintain an empire is not the answer!

JUSTICE - Greens support universal health care, equal rights, living wage & parental leave, Green jobs for all with an empowered workforce, infrastructure upgrades to address climate change

SUSTAINABILITY - what's good for the environment is good for the economy

DEMOCRACY - we supporting campaign spending limits, public campaign financing, ranked choice voting

Our Ten Key Values (link) guide every policy we propose

Full text of the PGPO Platform (link)