Local Chapters

See footnotes for why chapters are so important! 

If no group or chapter is listed for your area, it's easy to start one!  We’d love to help you and your neighbors get organized.

 Chapter / Groups

 Point Person

 Social Media

 Clackamas County

Emma Lugo
emma.jean.lugo at gmail dot com

 fb page

 Coos Greens

Mary Geddry
Marygeddry at gmail dot com

 fb page

 Lane Greens Chapter

Justin Filip

jus_filip at yahoo dot com
fb page

 Linn/Benton Chapter 

Charles Newlin
(541) 740-4731
gnewlin at peak dot org

 fb page
 google group
(email mikebeilstein at  yahoo dot com for invite)


Ken Adams or Tim Dehne
TimlDehne at gmail.com

outreach at pacificgreens dot org 

fb group Polk Co

 Portland Metro Chapter

Nathalie Paravicini
(971) 244-4694

nathalie at pacificgreens dot org

Facebook Page Metro

Facebook Page Downtown

Facebook group Metro
























One of the four pillars of the Pacific Green Party is Grassroots Democracy. We therefore encourage you to join other Greens and allies in your neighborhood by contacting one of the local groups or chapters listed below.  

Chapters formed by five or more registered party members, and are generally formed at a county level, with Linn/Benton covering two counties.  Groups are members in an area who have not yet signed up to become a chapter.