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We would like your contact information to keep you updated of urgent actions and campaigns.  You can provide that information on our signup page.

Submitting Content

We love getting articles, photos, and reports regarding green events, campaign, candidates, and issues of interest.  The easiest way to submit these is via email to Our service level goal is to review and post items within two business days of submission but no later than five business days.

Press and Media Inquiries

For all press and media enquiries please call us at (541) 516-6059 or email

Pacific Green Party Business

If you would like to raise an item or issue regarding Pacific Green Party business you have several options:

1) call us at (541) 516-6059

2) send an email to our Secretary at, or

3) contact one of our Coordinating Committee Members

Join an Email distribution list

We have two state-wide email distribution lists.  Click on the link to apply to be added to the list.

In addition some local chapters have their own email lists - join a local email list

  • State Coordinating Committee state administrative body open to party members.  Used to discuss organizing and organizationl issues (pgp-cc)

General Discussion List: we are in the process of migrating to a different platform

Please note that participation on our email lists is subject to our PGP Web Forum and Email List Rules of Conduct.

General Questions

General questions can be sent via email to You can also leave a voice message on our phone: (541) 516-6059.  We can also be reached by mail at:

Pacific Green Party of Oregon
PO Box 1606
Eugene, OR 97440

Web Site - Mail Server - Social Media Issues

Please email any web, mail server, or social media site issues to  Our service level goal is to answer emails the same day but no later than two business days after your email is received.

Contacting the Green Party of the US or another Green Party

The web site for the Green Party of the United States is Links to other Green Parties around the world can be found at

General questions can be directed via email to  You can also leave a message on our phone: (541) 516-6059. Our service level goal is to return calls the same day but no later than two business days after your call.

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