How the Party Functions

Organizing Documents and Procedures

Click here for access to our organizational documents, which include our Constitution, Bylaws and various procedures and forms.

How the Party Functions

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon is a grassroots organization.  Party decisions and actions arise primarily out of individual greens and local cells.  There is a proposal to support organizing along watersheds.

Typically, Green Party members organize a local chapter to focus on running candidates and addressing concerns in their local community.

The role of the State Coordinating Committee is to organize conventions, support locals and coordinate actions across the state.  This committee is composed of seven members and alternates, elected to two-year staggered terms at the Winter conventions.

Our party is recognized under Oregon Election Law as a Minor Political Party.  This means that we have the right to place Green candidates on the ballot for partisan offices, such as President, Senate, Congress, state House and Senate, various statewide offices (Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, etc).

We are affiliated with the Green Party of the United States, being recognized as the state-wide Green organization representing Oregon at the national party level.  We are allowed four representatives, and are also represented by volunteers serving on various national committees.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

To run for PGP office, please fill the form "Statement of Candidacy, SCC" to run for the State Coordinating Committee and "Statement of Candidacy, GPUS NC" to run for a position as a delegate to the National Committee

Meetings & Communication Tools

Please go to the tab Events/Recurring events  for a listing of committee meetings, with times and links

We hold most organizing discussions on  You need to create a free account (make sure to add your name to your profile) and look for the group pacificgreenpartyoregon, the main group for announcements.  From there you can choose to join subgroups created for various teams (media & communications, conventions, IT, etc.)

We currently have social media groups on Facebook and Instagram, and X.

We are looking for new volunteers to help us expand the social media presence and also possibly help with a Slack or Discord channel.

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