Upcoming events:

Please click on the tab "Upcoming & Recurring Meetings" above for an updated list of upcoming events.  New events are being posted regularly.  These include:

- Conventions and Campaign Skill Shares, Roundtables

- Webinars with Green Party elected officials and candidates; webinars with Green Party ministers from Europe

- Events and rallies hosted by greens, allied organizations and public figures

Standing Meetings (click on the link for access)

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month,8:00 pm:  State Coordinating Committee (SCC) meetings 

2nd  and 4th Saturday of the month, 10am: Media & Communications (MC) Committee meetings

3rd Saturday of the month, 11am: Onboarding with the Green Party: What does the PGP stand for?  What campaigns are we involved in?  How is the party organized?  How to plug in?  (Note, depending on people's availability and schedule, we may change the day/time of this meeting)

All our meetings are run using Modified Consensus Processes

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