State Coordinating Committee (SCC)

The State Coordinating Committee (SCC) is charged with helping create and maintain the structure for Greens to participate and organize statewide.  The SCC meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month (subject to change). Check our events page for meeting times and link. Meetings are open. 

The responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee include:

  • Managing state-level finances
  • Maintaining compliance with state election law requirements
  • Conducting state conventions
  • Representing statewide Party interests
  • Making binding interpretations of state organizational documents
  • Appointing standing and ad hoc committees
  • Any other duties that may arise requiring statewide coordination and administration efforts

The State Coordinating Committee is comprised of seven seats, to be filled by members who have been supporting members for at least three months prior to the SCC election. The SCC members shall serve two-year staggered terms starting in January, four in each odd-numbered year and three in each even-numbered year. The Pacific Green Party of Oregon uses Single Transferable Voting (STV) for SCC elections.

As of January 9, 2021, the State Coordinating Committee members are:

  1. Position 1: Nathalie Paravicini (Portland, OR) - 2023-2025
  2. Position 2: Bob Zahniser (McMinville, OR) - 2022-2024
  3. Position 3: Suzia Aufderheide (Ashland, OR) - 2023-2025
  4. Position 4: Justin Filip (Eugene, OR) - 2022-2024
  5. Position 5: Chuck Fall (Portland, OR) - 2023-2025
  6. Position 6: Connor Salisbury (Eugene, OR) - 2022-2024
  7. Position 7: Felipe Lora (Portland, OR) - 2023-2025
  • Positions 2, 4, 6 are up for election in January, 2024 at the Winter Convention

❖ Thanks to our outgoing Winter Convention 2022 SCC alum Ken AdamsMary Geddry, Brian Setzler and George Hutchinson and outgoing 2023 alum SCC cochair Amy Sacks for their terms of service.

You can leave a voice message for any Committee member at (541) 516-6059 or email [email protected]. We endeavor to answer calls the same day received and no later than two business days after receiving your call.

State Party Officers

In Office

Greens are part of a worldwide progressive movement that holds over 200 elected offices in the United States and many more around the world.  In Oregon partisan elections, we consistently top 50,000 votes. Click to see a list of Pacific Greens in Office

Delegates to the Green Party of the United States

Just as members of the major parties select delegates to represent their states at national presidential conventions, members of the Pacific Green Party select delegates to represent the state of Oregon at the Green Party of the United States national conventions.

Current GPUS national delegates for Oregon are:

  • Mike Beilstein
  • Chuck Fall
  • Nathalie Paravicini

Delegates to the National Presidential Nominating Convention

Presidential nominating delegates are elected at a convention before the National Presidential Nominating Convention.  They are typically bound to a voting strategy decided at convention where the first round is usually determined using Single Transferable Vote with a number of seats equal to some number equal to or less than the total number of delegates, to determine qualification for final allocation by the Method of Equal Proportions, for the first round, with later rounds using the IRV/RCV single-seat winner after elimination, all based on ranked ballots for president cast by presidential nominating election participants.