State Coordinating Committee 

Click here to see who's currently on our Coordinating Committee. These folks are great to get in touch with if you have suggestions for the Pacific Green Party.

State Party Officers

Click here for our party officers

Advisory Board

And click here for our Advisory Board

In Office

Never mind that we're a minor party; we're part of a worldwide progressive movement that holds over 200 elected offices in the United States and many more around the world. In Oregon partisan elections, we consistently top 50,000 votes. Click to see a list of Pacific Greens in Office

Delegates to the Green Party of the United States

Just as members of the major parties select delegates to represent their states at national presidential conventions, members of the Pacific Green Party select delegates to represent the state of Oregon at the Green Party of the United States national conventions. Click here to see our list of Delegates to the Green Party of the United States.  In addition, thre are a number of Oregon Greens serving on national committees.