Register Green

It's easy to become a green!  

Two easy steps

1) Change your voter status with the "my vote" button on
the Oregon Secratary of State click > 

2) Register your info with our Greens Nation Builder Website  Click here


Why go green?  Here are two great reasons to Register online as a Green:

  • When you register Green, you keep us in good standing with the State Elections office.  You give us the power to take on the Big Boys by running candidates in local, statewide and national elections. By staying over the State minimum threshold of registered voters, we’ve been able to do just that for some time now, and we want to keep it that way. And we want to be able to turn our eyes to far greater goals, like not just being able to participate in future elections, but being able to win them.


Still not sure? Here are some more great reasons to Register Green

  • Do you really believe it’s gotta be the “lesser of two evils?”  Many people don't want to vote Democrat or Republican.     The more of us there are, the more we can fight for the green party platform. You don’t have to settle. You really don’t.
  • We speak our truth, not what the polls tell us people want to hear.   Registering Green is a move beyond politics to true participation, collective intelligence and the chance at an impact beyond heads-or-tails on Election Day.