Donate to The Pacific Green Party of Oregon

Thank you for investing in grassroots democracy!

Did you know that you can donate to the Pacific Green Party of Oregon AND get up to a $50 credit ($100 if filing jointly) on your Oregon state taxes?

The best news is that your donation may cost you nothing! By donating $50 to the Pacific Green Party, you can reduce your taxes or increase your refund by that same $50 (assuming you pay at least $50 in taxes). That's right: it's a full 100% credit, not a deduction. Your donation will cost you nothing if you qualify for the credit!  You can find out all about the Oregon Political Tax Credit on this web page.

Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member. Phone calls, mailings, tracking contacts all take time and money that could be far better spent on political activity.   You can help us make efficient use of your money by donating monthly via direct bank account debit or credit card.  To become a monthly sustainer send an email with a subject of "monthly sustainer" and our Treasurer will contact you directly.

Your donation keeps us on the ballot so voters can vote for us; most importantly, it will allow us to pay organizers living wages, to recruit and support candidates that represent We The People, not corporate-funded interests.

Your donation puts us on the airwaves so that voters will hear from us. With your support, we are driving forward our Green agenda, and we are growing the Green alternative.

Thank you for your support!