About Us

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon is a grassroots political organization whose purpose is to support the emergence of a dynamic society genuinely founded upon the principles of Peace, Sustainability, Social and Economic Justice and Grassroots Democracy.

We're affiliated with millions of Greens worldwide (Globalgreens.org), and we're recognized by the Green Party of the United States as Oregon's statewide representative. 

We stand proud as part of a radical movement – the word radical comes from radix or root: we aim to address the root causes of society. Green Party members hold elected offices in Oregon and across the nation and many more around the globe.

You can find monthly statistics about our party membership at the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division

Why the Green Party Now?

To those who feel we are wasting our vote – Do not attack us for our views, but the system for being oppressive. If the way we vote bothers you, start by pressing your party to institute ranked choice voting: it would solve your complaint and increase participation in the electoral process...

I/We vote and volunteer Green, because in contrast with the corporate-funded parties, The Green Party:

  1. Talks about the military budget; its absurd size and support for military coups and crimes against
    humanity such as in Yemen and Palestine
  2. Acts on issues affecting lower socioeconomic classes. For example, in this election cycle where
    do the major parties stand on Measures 103 and 104, which are sponsored by corporations
    wanting to shield their profits?
    Oregon already has one of the lowest rates in the country; this keeps us from adequately
    funding key services like healthcare, education and the upkeep of basic infrastructure like roads
    and bridges, water…
  3. Pushes for electoral reform in the form of Ranked Choice Voting. RCV would allow for increased
    participation in the electoral process by preventing votes from feeling “wasted.” More information
    can be found at fairvote.org.
  4. Confronts head-on the flawed concepts of “Corporate Personhood” and "Corporate Rights." Money is not free speech; money is property.  Citizens United was a coup against Democracy.  I cannot have more speech than you do.  Likewise, corporations are legal entities, not persons.  The concepts of corporate rights and personhood are a perversion of our laws. More information can be found at movetoamend.org
  5. Stands-up to fight against voter suppression and gerrymandering. No to the status quo.
    Both major parties are responsible for putting agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbyist in charge of the FDA – for example – because both parties rely on corporate donations. Both major parties are riddled with corruption; they are neither progressive or conservative.
  6. Greens are organizing to represent the 40% of the population who are too disgusted or uninspired to vote. Don’t despair, take action now and join a community initiative for change.