2018 11 Election Congratulations

The results in the past elections have been a breath of fresh air. The collective voice that came together, placing communities at the heart of its priorities, was incredibly encouraging.

The Pacific Green Party sincerely thanks all those who were involved collecting signatures, calling, and especially running for office or organizing campaigns, for their extraordinary collective work. THANK YOU FOR SO MANY HOURS OF DEDICATED LABOR. We know what it takes for common folk to volunteer in adition to the daily grind.

BUT THE LABOR HAS JUST STARTED. We cannot stop now. The past few years have simply demonstrated that WE NEED TO KEEP ON PRESSING FOR OUR OWN AGENDA WITH WELL RUN CAMPAIGNS.

At the upcoming Green Party convention, Salem Dec 1 and 2, the Women's Caucus will be strategizing and organizing ambitious campaigns for 2020. Please register in these pages and indicate your interest in these campaigns so we can contact you directly.

In the plans are a POPULAR EDUCATION CAMPAIGN that will start with a LISTENING TOUR. Please register in these pages so we can contact you. Please list any skills you bring to the table.

Let's remember those who are suffering and dying in so many places in the world, including non-humans. Let us bring understanding, peace and cooperation in our immediate communities.

We need to be able to fund the campaigns and pay the organizers. Please become a sustaining donor HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving and holidays
State Coordinating Committee
Pacific Green Party

Nathalie Paravicini
Pacific Green Party of Oregon