Alex Polikoff, Corvallis, OR

Running for: State Representative, District 23

alex polikoffName of incumbent:  Mike Nearman

Why do you want to run for that office, vision/goals, how do you define winning:

I’m running so that voters in my District have a real choice in who represents them in Salem.  If elected, I will push for legislation that delivers on the following goals:

Health Care for All Oregon

I support universal, publicly-funded medical coverage.  All Oregonians should have access to affordable, accessible, equitable health care.  The Covid Pandemic is the exclamation point to all that is wrong with our current healthcare system, especially the impact on communities of color.  No more deaths or ruined lives because of out-of-control medical costs.  Our healthcare dollars should actually go to healthcare, not CEO bonuses, insurance company/pharmaceutical profits, and bloated advertising budgets.  To join the effort, please visit the website 

Establish an Oregon State Bank

Keep our money in Oregon.  Stop giving hundreds of millions to JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and the other banks who crashed our financial system.  Use that money to finance projects such as public housing and clean energy infrastructure, as well as local banks that can use the money to support small businesses and farmers.

A Sustainable Oregon 

Create a Green New Deal for Oregon that fights climate change and creates jobs by implementing policies favoring small businesses and green technologies.  Convert Oregon to a 100% renewable energy supply, and resist the influence of out-of-state energy interests.  Support local food production, storage, and distribution.  Our goal should be an Oregon that meets our needs, not one of unsustainable growth.

An Honest and Fair Oregon

Oregon has more money spent on legislative races per capita than any other state in the nation.  We need to get corporate donors and big money out of politics by establishing public campaign financing for state elections.  At a minimum, we need to limit campaign contributions.  I support state-wide Ranked Choice Voting so voters feel free to vote their conscience and politicians are elected by a true majority.  We should implement tax policies that mean all pay their fair share, especially corporations who earn large profits while paying little or no taxes in Oregon.

Please support Measure 107 in November (Yes for Fair and Honest Elections)!!

Build Infrastructure, not Prisons

Get non-violent drug offenders out of our prison system and use the money for more K-12 teachers & staff, educational materials, and debt relief for college students.

Preserve our Freedoms

De-militarize the police.  Re-allocate funds to mental health and social service workers to avoid unnecessary police encounters (as in CAHOOTS program in Eugene).  Limit police use of facial recognition software and drones.  Resist federal quashing of legitimate protest by arresting  and charging federal officers who violate the constitutional rights of Oregonians.

Corporations are not People!!!   Money is not Speech!!!

Both major political parties use the language of division to keep up the status quo, but the status quo just means a declining standard of living for most Oregonians.  I have been serving my community in Oregon for over 20 years as a volunteer firefighter, youth-at-risk mentor, and CASA advocate, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for my local Fire District.  If elected, I promise to continue to serve by fighting for the real change that is so desperately needed.  Oregon can (and should) lead the way to a brighter future for all of America.


Email:  [email protected]

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