• Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 11:00 AM
    Meet by Zoom in Klamath Falls, OR

    May 25 - Oregon Presidential Nominating Convention

    2024 Oregon Presidential Nominating Convention


    Saturday May 25, 11am-2pm (correct date)


    Convention Guide for VotersConvention Voter's Guide & Agenda - draft (the detailed Agenda with supporting documentation is forthcoming)

    You will receive an email from OPA vote to approve the agenda one week before the convention, and another ballot after the convention to vote on the various proposals and candidates.  You will have one week (until  to cast your ballot.


    At this convention:

    Meet candidates for President, statewide and local office

    • Meet the candidates for President:  Jasmine Sherman, Jorge Zavala, Jill Stein
    • Meet candidates for statewide office and their campaign goals
    • Meet candidates for local office and their campaign goals

    Election of 11 electors to the National Nominating Convention, August 16-18, online

    • If interested, please fill the form below

    Review of open seats, how to run for office: Presentations by experienced greens with Q&A

    • Review of interesting races, call for candidates
    • Presentation on how to organize an effective campaign - phases of a campaign
    • Presentation about how to fundraise effectively - strategic plan
    • How to cultivate a team

    Review of important ballot initiatives

    Interested in running for office or getting more involved?  Register your interest by filling:

    1) this Statement of Candidacy for Elected Office if you are interested in running for office in 2024.  On the "Campaigns" page, you will find useful information on how to find out which offices are open as well as a primer on how to run effective campaigns.

    2) this statement to be considered as one of the Oregon electors for the Presidential Nominating Convention.  More details forthcoming at the convention.

    Please REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION to attend (AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) - we must credential you beforehand.  Once registered you will receive the link to join the meeting the day of the convention

    If you already registered, go to this link (or dial on tap mobile +12532158782,,81042071414#)

    TO VOTE:  You must be a registered Green Party member

    To register as a supporting member: Register with the Secretary of State here or change your registration to Green Party here (secure site)

    To affiliate as an auxiliary member please fill this form, to affiliate directly with the Green Party



    Contact [email protected] if you have questions.