Convention Minutes November 2013

Pacific Green Party Convention minutes
Saturday the 23rd of November, 2013
The Grand Ballroom in Salem, Oregon
Recorded by Matthew Sanchez

Meeting was called to order.

Eugene chapter discussed the induction of bee pesticide notices in local businesses.

Salem Chapter discussed the 11/21 CCTV Valley View interview hosted by PGP member Ken Adams.

New website announced on with a November 28th release date.

The importance of the local chapters was discussed in relation to the structure of the party as a whole.

Having a volunteer coordinator for each local chapter was proposed.

A presentation from No KXL was heard. Training, protests, pledge signing, and media attention on this subject were discussed.

Elections working group was formed. It members are

  • Ed Hemmingston
  • Pat Driscoll
  • Byron Harmon
  • Hali Burley
  • Ken Adams
  • Robert Zivolich

2 new SCC members were voted in by the convention. The nominees were Robert, Mike Meo, Starlene, and Hali. The elected SCC members were

  • Starlene Rankin
  • Hali Burley

A media and marketing design committee was formed. It's members are

  • Scott Green
  • Robert Zivolich
  • Vernon Huffman
  • Byron Harmon

The convention decided to designate a State volunteer coordinator. Only one member volunteered for the position. The volunteer was Robert.

Scott Green presented his amendment to the party platform. It was agreed that the amendment needed to be reworded and a committee was formed in response. The members of the amendment oversight committee are

  • Vernon Huffman
  • Dana A.
  • Charles Newlin
  • Michael Meo
  • Scott Green
  • Susie A. (Still to be asked if she would like to join.)

The convention heard two speakers from the NAACP. They were Erious Johnson and his wife Nkenge. They were introduced by Blair Babier.

Salem chapter presented their two state initiatives to the convention. The convention has given their consent for the Salem chapter to move forward with signature gathering.

Local issues that were discussed included fluoride in drinking water supplies, marijuana prohibition and regulation, neonicatonic pesticides, paid sick days, single payer health care, and the “great march on climate change”.

Ed Hemmingston spoke for a proposed United liberal front that would encompass not only the green party but numerous other left leaning and progressive groups.

In district #23 Alex Polikoff is running for state house of representatives.

In district #3 Mike Meo is running for congress. Scott Green will be his campaign treasurer.

In district #4 Mike Beilstein. will be running for congress and city council.

Christina encouraged the Salem chapter to run a candidate for the 5th congressional seat.

Starlene was announced as a candidate for the open position on our national 2014 delegation.

Meeting was adjourned