Gather Signatures for Mike Beilstein


Mike Beilstein - Green Party candidate for the 4th Congressional District, has until August 12th to submit 300 signatures from voters registered in the district in lieu of paying $2,500 to place a statement/argument in the state voters' pamphlet.  This is a huge expense for our candidates.  A copy of Mike's petition ready for printing and circulation is available below the fold.  Signed petitions should be given to Mike (see Campaign page for contact details) BEFORE August 12th.

Note to all candidates - details on submitting signatures in lieu of paying voter pamphlet fees is provided below the fold.

Mike's petition is available for download here.  A summary of fees and signature requirements is available here.  The 2014 Voter Pamphlet manual is available here.


1) you must be filed with the Oregon Secretary State and have an Orestar Account to get a petition

2) you must submit your Candidate Statement along with your request for a petition.  The Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division quotes a two business day turnaround, from submission to them giving you a printable petition with a petition number.  You cannot change your Candidate Statement once it has been submitted, unless you pay the filing fee.

3) the candidate's statement MUST either be copied on the reverse of the petition, or stapled to the petition.  If stapled, DO NOT SEPARATE or the petition will not be accepted by the Oregon Secretary of State.

4) only signatures from voters registered within the district for which you are running will be counted.  The voter may belong to any party.

5) August 12th is the LAST day to physically deliver signed petitions to the Oregon Secretary of State in Salem.