Pacific Green Party Voter Pamphlet Statement


Oregonians beware—Ballot Measure 90 is a threat to your right to vote.

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Oregonians beware—Ballot Measure 90 is a threat to your right to vote.

BM 90 will limit your choices at the November General Election. If BM 90 passes, Oregonians’ right to vote will be restricted to the “choice” of just two candidates in each race.

BM 90 will eliminate independent and third party candidates from the November election.

BM 90 will create elections where you have no real choice. Your “choices” in a particular race could be limited to just two Democrats or two Republicans.

BM 90 would create a “Top Two” election system. Top Two has been a complete failure in California where it has been used for two elections. Voter turnout in California hit an all-time low using Top Two. Californians from across the political spectrum are calling for its repeal.  Democracy is about the freedom to choose.
Protect your freedom.
Protect your right to vote.

Prohibition has failed, again. Ballot Measure 91 would end cannabis prohibition.
The Pacific Green Party has been at the forefront of the legalization debate. Now, most voters
agree with us. The war on cannabis has turned otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.
When cannabis is regulated and taxed, we will raise revenue from taxation and save money by
not arresting and prosecuting people simply for the use of a substance no more harmful than
tobacco or alcohol.

We have the right to know what’s in our food.
It’s really that simple.

The Pacific Green Party is Different

We are governed by principles and values. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, we do not accept
corporate cash.

Our platform is based on our values of peace, sustainability, grassroots democracy and justice for


War is not the answer.

The undeclared war in Afghanistan is the longest and costliest in the history of our nation.
Republicans and Democrats have subjected our country to one illegal and immoral war after
another; draining our treasury, diverting funds from domestic needs, subverting our Constitution
and resulting in an overwhelming and unnecessary loss of innocent lives.

Bringing our troops home, including Oregon’s National Guard, will make us and the world safer.


What’s good for the environment is good for the economy.

Mass transit, re-forestation and organic and sustainable agriculture—including industrial hemp—
will stimulate the economy and conserve resources for future generations. Developing
renewable energy will help create jobs, promote peace and address global warming. We must
take immediate action or else risk the collapse of the ecosystems on which we depend.

We support campaign spending limits and public campaign financing to challenge the hijacking
of our elections by Big Money interests.

We support Instant Runoff Voting and Proportional Representation because democracy is
strengthened by diversity and increased public participation.
We support amending both the Oregon and United States constitutions to prevent corporations
from undermining the democratic process.


Greens support equal rights and the right of people to marry whom they choose.

Greens support universal, single-payer health care for all.

We call for an end to Marijuana Prohibition.

Green Success!

Greens hold elected office throughout the world and across the country. In Oregon, Pacific Green Party members include city councilors, a Circuit Court judge and the president of the Corvallis City Council.

Join the Party

If you share our values, then the Pacific Green Party is your party and your voice in the political system. Register to vote Pacific Green at your local county elections office or on-line at

Working together, we can make our voices heard and translate our values into action; improving our lives and our communities and creating a better world for future generations. facebook/pacificgreens