Jill Stein Announces run for President

Jill_Stein_Democracy_Now_2015_06_22.JPG    Dr. Jill Stein has announced her 2016 campaign for President of the United States!  Critical to this run is raising enough contributions from individuals to qualify for federal matching funds.  To that end, the Jill Stein campaign is looking for a volunteer in Oregon to send out a fundraising email to ask for matching funds donations, and make follow up calls – for which the campaign has provided a suggested phone script.  To volunteer call (541) 516-6059 or send an email to [email protected].

As you may have heard, we have launched our 2016 campaign for President of the United States! After testing the waters for months, we have seen how hungry people are for a new kind of politics that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

With the American public clamoring more than ever for an independent third party, we have a golden opportunity to fill the gaping political void with empowering Green vision.

If we can reach the threshold for public funding quickly after our launch date – hopefully within days –  we’ll send a signal to the press and the world that the Green Party is more vibrant and organized than ever. It will say that we are that new political force the world has been waiting for. And we have arrived.

By qualifying early for federal matching funds, we’ll begin to double our money right away. This will jump start the first national field organizing plan we’ve ever undertaken as Greens. We will reach out to students, communities of color, immigrants and working people who are dropping out by the droves from the Democratic Party that has abandoned them, and welcoming them to the only national party of, by and for the people.

Early funding will also help us seek ballot access this year in more states than ever before, potentially in all 50 states, freeing us to focus more fully on campaigning during 2016.

Already, California has passed the $5000 matching funds threshold. Washington and New York are about to follow suit. Massachusetts is also well on the way, with $3114 already contributed. Oregon is off to a solid start at $972.

All you need to do is send out this email  (which you can revise as you like, of course) to ask for matching funds donations, and make follow up calls – for which we’ve provided a suggested phone script which also includes a script for answering machines If you bring on a couple fellow supporters to divide up the calls you can get them done quickly.

We’ll also provide a google.doc list of people in your state who contributed to the 2012 presidential campaign, as well as their emails and phone numbers.

These calls are easy to do. Anyone who contributed in 2012 has even more reason to contribute now given the course of world events!

In Washington state, all it took was a single email sent by Jody Grage a month ago to bring in the bulk of the matching funds. With phone calls in additions to the emails, we expect to get to the match very quickly. 

I’ll be calling as many of the donors as I can across the country as well. With your help, and the help of matching fund state coordinators across the nation, we can quickly open the door to Federal matching funds and hit the ground running.

Your help will let us seize this powerful moment and bring the frontline issues of everyday Americans into the front lines of Presidential debate.  

Together, we’ll be an unstoppable force for the peaceful, just, green future we deserve!

It’s in our hands!