Joshua Smith for Oregon House District 25

joshua_smith.jpg    Joshua Smith is running for the Oregon State State House seat for District 25 (Keizer, Newberg, St Paul). He's already recruiting volunteers and taking his message door to door. Over $1,100 has been raised so far with much more expected by individual contributions in order to supply the fliers, bumper stickers and yard signs needed to give the Green Party an equal presence in the community as the Republicans.

By going door to door he has personally registered  over 20 voters so far, 15 of which registered as a Green. The Democratic Party is not running a candidate against Republican Bill Post so it is a great opportunity to give the Green Party a voice in the State Legislature. The goal is not only to win, but to show other Greens that winning is possible and encourage others to do so as well!

For more information on Joshua Smith's campaign, visit his website here and his facebook page here.