June 7th - Nominating Convention In Salem

2013_11_Fall_Convention_Blair_Bobier.jpg   Voting results of the Pacific Green Party Nominating Convention held Saturday June 7, 2014 in Salem at 299 Cottage Street, NE are in, below the fold.
Blair Bobier, a founder of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon, speaking at our Fall Convention in Salem.
Below are the state party meeting notes from Saturday, June 7th for your review.
Pacific Green Party
State Meeting
Saturday, June 7th
Salem, Oregon
In attendance: George, Yaney, Max, Rachel, Derek, Michal S, Tim, Ken, Byron, Michael M, Mike B, Charles, Barbara, Ralph, T Oliver, Scott, Christina, Cody, Tim, Josh, Alex, Chris, Richard, Theresa, Seth
Party Business:
- Campaign Funding
- Statewide Candidate Search
_Scc Positions Open
_Carbon Fee
-Open Primaries
_Food Rights,
_Salem Initiatives
-Media Coordination
-Clean Water Act
-Marijuana Initiative
_Portland Water Trust
-Process Review
First Item
The convention decided by concensus to follow consensus voting for all uncontested nominations.  Later pointed out by Seth to already be part of our process for nominatons.
Second Item
Michael Beilsten Carbon Tax
Michael proposes we support the Carbon Tax and Dividend.  RIght now it is free to dump CO2 in the atmosphere and we need to make the CO2 process pay and alternative energy more competitive.  The tax creates a hardship on the working class so the dividend is there to offset that.  They say 66% of the people would actually get more back taking profits away from energy companies because of the carbon fee.  The Oregon Climate Lobby is trying to pass this in 2015 and the Citizen CLimate Lobby also wants endorsement.  Both the Oregon Climate Lobby and the Citizen CLimate Lobby initiatives were endorsed by the convention.
Mike then made a candidate presentation about his campaign and requested nomination.
Next Item Chapter Reports
Michael Meo was nominated as Health Care for All Oregon liason.  T Oliver announced he would be starting a chapter in Woodstock and tabling at the farmers market there.  The annual hempstock festival is coming up and this year and T Oliver will be tabling.  There is also a second hemp event happening this year.  The Linn Benton chapter reported on local events, the Salem chapter reported on Ballot initiative signatures, the Washington County Chapter announced Jason Berg  was going to be supporting the chapter in the future.  A new facebook page was created called "Woodstock Friends of the Green Party."  Chris Henry announced he had url's available for the green party.
Next Item Salem Initiatives
As soon as possible official language was going to be picked up by No KXL, 350.org and Rising Tide to help spread the petitions and their ideas.  They would like to see official language and for local chapters to use it as a tool for organizing.
Next item candidate nominations
Michael Meo nominated 3rd Congressional District by consensus
Steven Reynolds nominated by secret ballot with 15 yes, and nota receiving 3 first place votes, while for second place Steve received two votes and NOTA received 3 votes.  Majority carries Steve to nomination.
Michael Beilsten nominated to 4th Congressional District by consensus
Christina Lugo nominated to 5th Congressional District by consensus
Michael Sonnleitner endorsed for PCC Governor zone 3 by consensus.
Ralph Forrest-Ball nominated for State Senate District 7 by consensus.
Alex Polikoff nominated to State House District 23 by consensus.
Joshua Smith nominated to State House District 23 by consensus with one standaside.
Tim Dehne nominated to Benton County Commissioner position 1 by consensus
Next Item
SCC has two open positions.  One is Byron stepping down in August the other is Hali stepped down.  Michael Meo offered to step in but was told he had agreed not to be on the SCC if Seth was not on the SCC so he withdrew his nomination.  Max offered to be nominated but it turned out he wasn't registered yet so he registered but the SCC decided to wait until August and then take up his nomination.  the scc was encouraged to find someone from Southern Oregon to replace Hali.
Next Item National Convention
Michael Sonnleitner
Christina Lugo
nominated as alternate delegates to the national convention
july 21-24 in Minneapolis
Next item Measure 54 and 55
Proposal to recommend a no vote passed by consensus.
Next Item
2nd Convention.
The SCC was empowered to hold a second convention if necessary at a place tbd for further nominations.
Meeting adjourned.

submitted by Christina Lugo

Pacific Green Party Secretary