Solidarity with Strike for Black Lives!

July 20 is planned for a nation-wide Strike for Black Lives! spearheaded by the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. Pacific Greens stand in solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign, United for Peace and Justice, SEIU and all activist groups demanding economic justice and the end to systemic racism.

“We are especially heartened by the strong message and clear vision for a better future the Poor People’s Campaign envisions,” said Charles Newlin, media contact for the Pacific Green Party of Oregon.


African-Americans, Native Americans, LatinX, and the essential workers keeping the country running are most at risk for being impacted by Covid19. The Pacific Green’s stand by the demands for universal health care to all, the full implementation of a living wage, complete union organizing rights, a housing allowance to preclude evictions, among other necessary reforms. Our nation is in a state of economic and ecological emergency and the authorities need to be pushed to do the right thing. We support the strike to save lives.

The Poor People’s Campaign positions its demands as a continuation of Martin Luther King’s march toward justice. Pacific Greens recognize the importance of MLK as a figure we should all rally around, but demand justice for his murder.

“Pacific Greens demand justice for King’s assassination and a full disclosure from the Federal government for its complicity in his murder; ending systemic racism will require a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to review the systemic oppression African Americans have sustained; getting justice for Dr. King will reveal one horrible aspect of the role the government has played in African-American oppression,” said Newlin. “It is wrong to sweep his assassination under the rug; Dr. King and his family and the African American community deserve justice only full accountability can provide.”

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon is independent of the moneyed interests that corrupt our democracy and have undermined workers’ rights. We invite all who seek an economically just society, and want priority directed to restoring Earth’s ecology, to join the Greens and reclaim our country through electoral engagement, economic boycotts and deployment of labor and general strikes.